Translinguistic Other

Midday Veil – ‘Subterranean Ritual II’ C48 $7
The latest installment in Midday Veil’s “Subterranean Ritual” series of improvised recordings, SRII consists of two long, slow-building tracks that glisten with dynamic tension and ecstatic restraint.  Atmospheric vocals, stately drums and otherworldly synths provide a slippery, haunting exploration of cosmic coalescence and decay.  Limited to 200 cassettes featuring artwork generated by the band during a residency at the Experimental Television Center. Download card included.

Fungal Abyss – ‘Bardo Abgrund Temple’ C70 $7
Debut full length from Fungal Abyss, the psychedelic improv sister project of Seattle based prog-metal heavyweights Lesbian.  Free-form, entheogen-inspired session builds from spiraling, sonorous drones to shuddering climaxes.  Limited to 250 cassettes featuring artwork by Darwin Rodriguez. Download card included.

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