‘Spective Audio

SPCTV CS5 various – ‘Vital-Sound I C62 $7
opaque red, handmade art: Psychedelic compilation matches bands from Atlanta and Chicago, with each city taking one side of the release. Everything from paisley, drone, and repetitious instrumentals to acid blues, pure noise, and doom is covered here. Atlanta contributors are Sovus Radio, Soft Opening, The N.E.C., All The Saints, Brainworlds, and The Sunny Muffdivers. Chicago contributors are Implodes, The Great Society Mind Destroyers, The Leavitt Ours, and Killer Moon. Handmade art features 7 different series of art, including cuts from watercolors, zoning maps, acrylics, and illustrations.

SPCTV CS6 The Leavitt Ours – ‘Return’ C26 $7
lear, handmade cases: Beneath the shadows of Chicago’s fuzzier and heavier psychedelic sounds, The Leavitt Ours perform experimental pop in the private press tradition. In order to develop and produce their own reflective spaces and musical statements, the trio embrace aggressive ambient soundscapes, synthetic guitar tones, eclectic percussion rhythms, and driving keyed bass and synthesizer backbones. This release celebrates the discovery of something presumed lost, finding once again what was buried beneath the surface.


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