Sonic Meditations

Following the recent release on Aguirre Records, “Illusion Circles”, comes “Infinite Mind”. This new release from U.K. based musician and visual artist James R. Moore, features two long-form tracks of blissed out driving new age excursions fueled by synthesizers. More focused meditative and mind relaxation tones sure to open those realms infinitely inside your mind. Moore is also behind Black Mountain Transmitter, who released the great notable “Theory & Practice” cassette..

SM034 WHITE HILLS – ‘The Process’ CS
“The Process” is a series that looks at what went into the making of the WHITE HILLS album “H-p1”. Other releases in the process series include the “Measured Engery” 45 on the Irish label Trensmat, a split LP with Farflung on Cobraside Records, and a series of nine abstract paintings by Dave W. that were created during the mixing of the album. If you’ve managed to catch White Hills lately you know they’re capable of some epic splrawling jams and this tape collects 2 of those solid work-outs. I have yet to hear the new album, but if this is any indication of the solid performing that will be on it, it’ll be top-notch!


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