MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – ‘ALIENOLOGY: Selected Works 1998-2008′ 10 disc box set 60€
Stunning collection of works from 1998 to 2008, MY CAT IS AN ALIEN’s first decade of adventure in outer space and modern music. All ultra-rare and long-out-of-print material from space brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio finally available for the first time in digital format, including a previously unreleased gem entitled ‘Where The Lines Go To Sleep’ (2004).  The selection starts from MY CAT IS AN ALIEN’s 1999 first milestone ‘Landscapes Of An Electric City’ (originally spread throughout the world by Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace!). In these early years, MY CAT IS AN ALIEN decided to entrust thier own ‘pictures of infinity’ to several obscure labels specialized in producing limited as well as specially curated vinyl-only releases (not to mention the duo’s own Opax Records imprint), thus creating a monumental corpus of work that gave birth to the brothers’ myth.  Among many other fundamental works, this huge set also contains what MY CAT IS AN ALIEN have called ‘The Great Void Trilogy’, which was originally released on three separate LPs by Ed Hardy’s legendary Eclipse Records in the middle of the last decade. The latest work presented in the set is ‘Alien Blood’ (2008), original soundtrack to the homonimous film by Roberto Opalio, which was shown at various European museums as part of the ‘SONIC YOUTH etc: Sensational Fix’ touring exhibition.  Each work has been accurately remastered and re-edited appositely for this box set release. The box also includes extensive liner notes, plus special art cards. Cover art by Roberto Opalio.  A unique occasion for every adventurous listener to experience some of the most inscrutable and essential music of all times.


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