Dungeon Taxis

Kraus – ‘Supreme Commander’ C32 $7AUD
Unhinged In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and cool Arecibo message from the Wayward Son of melted arena rock and wipe out/freak out goo. Fungal guitar moire and triple-tracked martian riffage time trek into a wriggly medieval manor of fuzz through a retro-futurism that is like nil else. Interstellar mineral insert by Clementine Nixon. Dungeon Taxis 14.

White Saucer/Currer Bells split C24 $7AUD
Pink Air walkers, Stella Corkery and Alan Holt’s beautifully titled and likewise assumed ternary form of glow jams cross Stella’s cymbal loiter, shaker susurration, and fanned out wild flam drags with Alan’s zero zero to total dipper synthesizer fields. Tim Coster and Angeline Chirnside’s Currer Bells side comes through a faraway hinkypunk peal, yielding to a warbled zephyr of healing chime sustain. Recorded in balmy crepuscular rays at Peaking Lights’ Good Style Shop in Madison in 2010 with distortion pedal, cassettes, walkmans, Just Chimes, mixers, delays, thumb piano, looper, Korg DS-10, freeze, harmonicas, guitar, wedding bells, Monotron, phaser. Dungeon Taxis 15.

xNoBBQx – ‘Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010 / Happy, Wellington, 2009’ C30 $7AUD
Flipped reprisal of that 2009 New Zealand incursion, this live Tokyo/Wellington diptych steps to the mic in unruly, xenolinguistic fashion, it’s squashy ‘drums’ and ‘guitar’ fission the most munchy and hyperventilated of all Matt Earle and Nick Dan’s released programmes. Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010’s counterpoint creature squall dovetails with rhizomatic kit blare and toothed glissandi in horn-like confusion. Happy, Wellington, 2009 is such an unreal Bolero – like crazy tormenting 4/4s, gamelan detunes, and poltergeist tempo hassle. Dungeon Taxis 16.

Witchuals C40 $7AUD
Chrome hymn zone of nonstop doo-wop detourn by celestial grouches, LA Lakers and I.R.D. Laryngeal juice, fake rataplan, and Kyrie gunk in praise of The Honeycombs, Chordettes and Sharades. Dungeon Taxis 17.

Richard Francis – ‘Acid Songs’ C26 $7AUD
RF’s infra-ordinary sound environment unfolds as a lysergic fugue before dissolving under a burny din of runny hiss, graphed room hum, wibbly sines and crinkled air. Only just sticking within the Goldilocks Zone of its own repurposed crystalline blankness, and ‘dropping the pressure’. Live recordings made between December 2010 – July 2011 in Auckland using oscillators, sine waves, spring reverb, eq filters, delay, noise, microphone, hands, paper, empty spaces, loop maker, computer. Mixed July – September 2011. Dungeon Taxis 18.

Chronox – ‘Gwandalan’ C22 $7AUD
Lacustrine mood service of tidal zonation and depth-sounding outlook music, transcribed from devotional watching sessions at the Coastal Mirage Tabernacle in Lake Maquarie, NSW. Face A surfaces across a GUI island of synthesizer coruscation and littoral splash; B returns as a tritone horizon of heavenly warble and remote Siren exultation. The Melbourne duo had their equipment set up for days, and would rise from the porch every now and then, change something, go back to the porch and stare across the water. Dungeon Taxis 19.


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