Dead Pilot

DPRCD06 Mountainhood – ‘America 2 or Nahuel Huapa: A Saga, The Intense Vibes of the Rainbow, A Tale of Transformation Of My Brother’ 2xCD
Edition of 200. New mammoth 2 disc set from Michael Curtis Hilde aka Mountainhood, following on from releases with Important, Reverb Worship and Blackest Rainbow. Michael takes us on a lucid journey of far out lo fi folk over 2 discs and nearly 1 hour 50 minutes! This incredible album was recorded well over a year ago and has been in planning for nearly just as long! Ranging from the beautiful (“Have You Ever Wished”) to the bizarre (“Trees Message (Nahuel In The Woods)”) Michaels music is both emotionally exhausting and totally mind melting. A vast array of instrumentation is used to create a variety of moods and textures, mainly centred around Michael’s unique and enchanting vocals, giving the album a strange sensation of late night camp fire psyche outs recorded onto tape and left for us to find decades later. This album is a wonderful documentation of Michael Curtis Hilde’s Mountainhood project and it’s overall sound and unique artistic vision, which is unlike anything else around at the moment. All artwork by Mountainhood.


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