Science vs. Witchcraft‘300 Useful Sound Effects’ C25 $6
At this point 300 Useful Sound Effects stands as the swan song of Rochester, New York’s premier lewd boner rock band, Science vs. Witchcraft.  Captured live to tape at the Bug Jar in 2010, with the band in fine form. This limited edition release features 6 classics from their previous self released eps including Sweatpant Boners, Beautiful Package and Too Big for Pants.

Mold Omen – ‘Blacktop’ C24 $6
Side A of Mold Omen’s Blacktop wastes no time initiating a continuous battle between a heavy, droning maelstrom of noise and the electro-melodies desperately trying to free themselves. By the end, the balance between forces is a serious mantra for the head. As side B begins to creep in, the sonicscape is lo-fi and deliberate. This release from the Baltimore duo has it all.

These Feathers Have Plumes – ‘All Cats are Grey by Night’ C21 $6
Hailing from the fair city of London and with previous releases on Period.Tapes and Tartaruga Records, These Feathers Have Plumes finds Andie Brown expanding upon her original, deep droning compositions for double bass, field recordings and glass. Exploring elements of psychgeography, All Cats Are Grey by Night winds the listener through dark and heavy soundways and into light, haunting beauty.

Novoe Tsarstvo – ‘Voda naidet teply dym C21 $6
This ever-fluctuating group of musicians from Russia (featuring members of Love Cult and the Full of Nothing label) finds themselves in Finland, teaming-up with like-minded musicians. A precursor to a forthcoming single-sided LP on 8mm and a follow up to a self-released cassette, Voda naidet teply dym showcases the breadth of this collective’s sonic force as they explore improvisation by melding jazz tropes and folk melodies.  This double-sided suite documents the group live in Helsinki 01/02/2011.


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