Bridgetown #62 Buchikamashi – ‘Seireikai’ C24 $6(US)
Hiroshi Mizuhiro of Hokkaido, Japan has a rare dedication to experimental music in his daily life. On time off from stocking the shelves of a niche record shop devoted to the underground, he has steadily released a series of cassettes seamlessly blending a variety of ambient sub-genres under the name Buchikamashi and runs the impeccable Ginjoha Tapes label. Seireikai finds Mizuhiro’s skills at synthesizer composition fine-tuned to a new zenith. Two extended arrangements enocourage the listener to embark on an ethereal journey enveloped in glistening swells of intense peace, concluded by a disorienting and dizzying dream. Limited to 100 with glossy printing.

Bridgetown #61 Former Selves – ‘Hope’ C46 $6(US)
Oakland video artist Paul Skomsvold continues the saga inaugurated by his debut DVD album Fait Accompli with 5 new pieces intended for continuous, cyclical playback. On Hope, Skomsvold lays a cloudy bed of melodic drone and airy textures while piano keys gracefully whirl overhead. Coming out of the woodwork fully formed, Skomsvold’s sudden emergence in the public eye has exhibited a highly realized vision that beckons a new era of contemplation and understanding. Fall tour dates with yours truly coming soon. Limited to 100 with glossy printing.

Bridgetown #60 Mandarin Dynasty – ‘Perpendicular Crosstalk’ C41 $6(US)
Between extended tours of the USA and numerous relocations, pop song maestro Mike Sherk’s long-awaited bedroom masterpiece is finally ready after over four years of recording spread across California, Texas, Michigan, Rhode Island and Ohio. Perpendicular Crosstalk displays an extremely wide range of genres and styles that the seasoned road warrior naturally captures the essence of, makes his own, and redefines within the context of each other. While unafraid to toy with tongue-in-cheek pop culture references, Sherk’s commanding quality lies in the sincerity of his storytelling. Amplified by his mastery in the nuances of each instrument and marvelous production values, Sherk pulls these eleven songs from a time capsule isolated from passing fads, trends and buzz-genres.  Limited to 100 with glossy printing.

Bridgetown #59 Kevin Greenspon + Jon Barba – ‘Live in Oakland’ C5
Raw, unhinged songs performed each night on tour together in December 2010. Brief ruminations on Rocky Balboa and teenage interests are presented here with a hostile urgency, captured in stereo amidst a secluded woodshop in Oakland, CA. A tattered glimpse of unreleased selections from the duo’s forthcoming Already Dead 7″ EP due out on Italy’s Almost Halloween Time label in 2012. Limited to 25 in clear shells with gold foil lining and glossy printing. Only 15 are available for mailorder.

Bridgetown #58 Kevin Greenspon – ‘Waypoint’ C10 $5(US)
A shimmering orchestra of crystallized guitar collage dedicated to the discovery that even the unknown can be beautiful when memory is slowed down. Intended as a standalone piece, Waypointfreezes the ephemeral moment of realization as it dawns and abruptly divides on itself. This single composition is split in two complementary halves for reflecting on the arrival and departure from personal junctures and finally overcoming the questioning of one’s trajectory to the present. Limited to 130 copies for July tour with Ancient Crux. Cream colored cassettes with glossy printing. Limited quantities leftover from tour.

Bridgetown #57 Ancient Crux – ‘2011 Tour EP’ C19 $6(US)
Travis Von Sydow and crew follow up a lengthy Summer tour and recent split 7″ vinyl releases with Norse Horse and Weed Diamond with a sophisticated collection of new songs that flirt with an aura of elegance and grace rarely seen in the home-taping underground. Von Sydow’s meticulous craftsmanship of densely layered pop-rock/post-punk songs are richly complemented by producer Tyler Haran, lending this EP a sense of patient maturity and development rarely seen in releases hastily prepared before hitting the road. Limited to 100 copies for July tour with Kevin Greenspon. Glossy printing. Limited quantities leftover from tour.


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