Ninni Morgia & Marcello Magliocchi – ‘SOUND GATES’ LP
Guitarist Ninni Morgia, after playing with countless improvisers such as Peter Evans, Daniel Carter, William Parker and lots others, is here in a duo together with master Italian drummer and percussionist Marcello Magliocchi. Marcello Magliocchi has been active since the early 70s and has played and recorded with amazing artists like Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Peter Kowald, Mal Waldron, John Tchicai, Joelle Leandre and countless others. He also put out his work on Andrea Centazzo’s Ictus label and is a sculptor and designer for the UFIP brand, making strange marimba-like instruments from scratch from found beach stones, along with litophones, cymbals and huge sculpture bells. His latest LP release dates back to 1988. Morgia’s infinite guitar timbres (electronic, filtered analog sounds, soothing bowed drones, wild distortion or small, bird-like plucking techniques) meet the warm acoustic sounds from strings, metal sheets, handmade rattles and just beautifully tuned drums played by Magliocchi. The eleven pieces slowly grow, build up and dynamically move across pure avantgarde, early electronica, psychedelic hypnosis and wild free jazz… but the music on “Sound Gates” is a sonic trip transcending all genres, it is lyrical and free, a dialogue so rich and detailed made by two real masters of their instruments. The result is pure beauty, and as this is is the first in a series of recordings the duo intends to put out, we really look forward to hearing more! The cover features amazing photo artwork by Lidia Stranges and exclusive pictures in the back. Comes with free download card.


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