Rusted Rail & Slow Loris

The Driftwood Manor – ‘The Same Figure (Leaving)’ CD
Rusted Rail and Slow Loris are proud to announce the release of “The Same Figure (Leaving)” by Irish avant-folk project The Driftwood Manor. Recorded between October 2008 and May of 2009, The album took in a considerable cast of long-time collaborators, with Driftwood Manor lynchpin Eddie Keenan working closely with friends from across the spectrum of the Irish folk and underground scene. United Bible Studies students Gavin Prior, David Colohan and Vicky Langan all added their talents with Prior in particular working closely with Keenan and co-Producer Steve Fanagan to help shape the sound of the album. Initially released as a limited edition cdr on French label Ruralfaune in March of 2010, The Driftwood Manor have crafted their own brand of warm and earthy music which weaves strands of apocalyptic appalachia, psychedelic folk and Irish trad into a rich sonic tapestry. This CD is housed in a hand-assembled and hand-stamped recycled card sleeve.


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