Orange Milk

Here we have a seminal recording of sound collage and experimental synthesizer noise from one of the brightest musicians in underground America. ‘Open Resolve’ is all about tension and texture, crystallized on Side One’s ‘Broken Replicator’, a gut wrenching explosion of contrast that appears alien and familiar at once. Like a giant womb of noise. Most of the record feels like that, merging familiar synthesizer tones with an often obscured but always immaculate instrumental palette. Who would have thought one of the most exciting experimental records of the early century would find highlights through violin and free drum interplay? Side Two opens with a dense, 17-minute masterpiece of fuzziness which drifts between languid beauty and surreal discordance. The vinyl edition comes on clear purple wax with new masters by the artist.  SAMPLE

Aidan Baker & thisquietarmy‘ORANGE’ LP
I like to use the term ‘classic drone’ to describe this collaborative album between two masters of the genre. There are certainly dark edges and industrial, squawking noise-like impulses abound, but at it’s hear ‘Orange’ is all class, a practical guide on how to make an engaging, thoroughly atmospheric and haunting piece of… yes, classic drone. It’s actually funny to note the difference between what we label ‘ambient’ and ‘drone’ music these days. I think it has at least a little to do with the level of menace. And not to sound cheap, but things do get pretty deranged and spooky here. Slow swirls of white noise suggest dangerous whispers around the ambiguously haunting deep end rumble. And then there’s a track like ‘Mandarin’, a pure, gorgeous respite from the heaviness, because it turn’s out that’s exactly what we needed to hear. The viny edition comes on orange wax and with a free download. SAMPLE


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