Invisible City Records

Yes Blythe – ‘Arieto’
ICR22 ARTWORK smallYes Blythe is the longest running musical project of Callum Higgins, head of Manchester based tape label Sacred Tapes. Higgins also records and performs in a number of acts including River Slaughter, Swaggerjack and most recently a new solo project Maersk. He has amassed a wealth of releases in previous years on Tesla Tapes, Tombed Visions and Sacred Tapes and has played at venues like Cafe Oto and Islington Mill supporting Kevin Drumm. Arieto comprises two pieces constructed from the remains of his most recent album ‘Prepared Rhodes’ on Tombed Visions, an album made entirely with a Fender Rhodes, recorded and mixed over one weekend. While ‘Prepared Rhodes’ was a more raw sound made by layering and cutting various elements of recordings with no effects, the two tracks on Arieto bring in additional elements of field recordings and are moulded into something more ambient. Available as a hand dubbed black C30 cassette. Double sided black and white artwork on 200gsm silk stock. Limited to 50 copies.


Inner Islands

II047 – Inner Travels – ‘Clear Seeing’ C39
clear-seeingThere were specific natural, geographical visions which guided and inspired the music on Clear Seeing. This is not unusual, as Inner Travels often pursues sounds that evoke some imagery whenever attempting to create music. But for this album, the visions were among the clearest. Some of them were of real places he had visited: a field at dawn, geese flying off the ice shelf of a small lake at dusk. Some remain experienced only through the mind’s eye. Inner Travels is Steve Targo from Pell Lake, Wisconsin.

II046 – Kyle Landstra – ‘Jeweled Moon Codex’ c63
jeweled-moon-codexTwo environmental listening pieces: core-of-the-self meditations affected by a long winter, emotions waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon. These are dim journeys back to the light of wholeness. Slow builds lead to deep and satisfying swells. Each piece was recorded in a single live take with a few choice synthesizers and pedals. Kyle Landstra resides in Chicago, Illinois.

II045 – Matthew Barlow – ‘Hatha’ C30
hathaJust being, without striving. A place of stillness. These two pieces are an extension of Barlow’s Hatha yoga practice, the yoga of balance. He extrapolates from that work a sonic counterpart where we hear the sun and moon cycle laid against a simple palette of soft synths and Native American flute work. Matthew Barlow is from Asheville, North Carolina.


Invisible Cities

e38f67d5-1062-44fc-97f2-701fe6c07540ICR20: Black Thread – ‘Seeping Pitch’ C20 £4.5
Decaying synth loops. Analogue hiss and fragile melodies. Hand dubbed black C20 cassette. Limited to 50 copies.


Geology Records

STRATA11 – Black Eagle Child – ‘Lobelia’ C52 $7
STRATA12STRATA11Edition of 50 on pro dubbed, chrome, imprinted blue cassettes. Two sided, multi-panel j-cards and a slipcover.

STRATA12 – Kyle Landstra/Braeyden Jae split C30 $7
Edition of 75 on pro dubbed, chrome, imprinted clear cassettes. Two sided j-cards and a slipcover.



COP-0001 Drifter Mage – ‘Perfect Enemy’ CS $7
Drifter-Mage_Perfect-Enemy.100Limited edition of 25 released by Coprolalia Recordings in Atlanta. The first release for Drifter Mage, a virtual electronic ensemble forging its music simultaneously from Japan and the US. The resulting tracks combine enchanting melodies with electronic glitches and industrial noise, laid on a foundation of swirling atmospheres and steady beats. The sound is characterized by custom software instruments, unnatural dialog samples, and iterative musical layers (a result of the intercontinental workflow).


Bonding Tapes

BOND011 VNCF – ‘Pleasure District’ CS $6.06
IMG_4316 SmallVery little is known about the artist VNCF. Some would say that he is an entity existing in cyberspace collecting data, sounds and beats. Others believe that he is a hermit living in the adirondacks with only his machines and ideas to keep him company. Who ever he is, we’re happy to to be bringing you his debut cassette, Pleasure District. This tape is a voyage through dating videos, glamour commercials, softcore porn, dancehall basement parties, quiet storm RnB nights, High Energy Night Clubs and Hip Hop Beats.



traven. – ‘What is This Place We Are In.’ and ‘Noguchi’s Numbers’
tr_v_nIt would be useless to describe the music of Traven. It is more horrible than anything you have ever overheard. He is trying to make a noise; to ward something off or drown something out – the playing is strange, and inchoate; a skeletal, cold-hymn sound from the Ballard-infused English outskirts. Download available via Soundcloud.


Invisible City Records

Black Thread – ‘Seeping Pitch’ CS
After our first Black Thread release way back in December 2014 went down a treat, we were eager to give you more from the mind of San Francisco’s Greg Gorlen. Simple synth melodies float in and out of consciousness, warbling and crackling as the decay sets in. There’s a beautiful, ambient narrative hidden amid the tape loops and hiss that gets me every time. This is truly wonderful music. Available as a hand dubbed black C20 cassette. Double sided black and white artwork on 200gsm silk stock. Limited to 50 copies.


Moon Mist

may2016batchcollageMOSSY THROATS – ‘Slim Reaper’ CS
Molten wooden undercurrent gravid with parasites and rot. The natural vibrations of the earth become less robust, the unnatural pestle of modern machination is shrill and inexhaustible. It flirts with control, for now. It waits to immolate mortality with a flick of its wrist. Edition of 20 copies. Full-color 2-panel j-card. Artwork by Moon Myst

BOARDINGHOUSE – ‘Lil Pools inna Sky and WRAP Mall’ 2CS
BOARDINGHOUSE (Josh Burke, Chicago) puts his velvet touch to sounds from the Moon Myst catalog. Reconfigured cacophony from Kimchi Skittles, the Mossy Throats, Jessie and the Eels, and Wax Walker. Edition of 25 double cassettes. 2x full-color 2-panel j-cards. Collage and paint artwork by the magnificent JESSIE KENDALL.

DD 2-14 – ‘Stoic Humor [2015-2015]’ CS
A wild synthnoise deluge from the man behind ENDOR (LA, CA). Exploding circuits and synthetic destruction shoot from everywhere, like the audio equivalent to bullet-hell. Complex streams of laser-sharp tone dismantle and plasticize organic material. A sensory overload for humans, an assassination program cartridge for the AI that will ultimately enslave us. Released in an edition of 30 copies. Artwork by DD 2-14.

JONO MI LO – ‘Lavender Plates III: Panic Attack’ CS
A lush imperial sound-world from producer JONO MI LO via NYC. Ornate, crystalline tonality drips from above to form ambrosial stalagmites that murmur something lexically encrypted. Equally complex and spacious, the two works contained here feel like breathing new air, gaining new energies, and deciphering new surroundings. Edition of 30 copies. Color 3-panel j-card with full-color vellum overlay. Art by Jono Mi Lo, edited and arranged by Moon Myst.

DEATHPLUGG – ‘Merciless CHUD World’ CS
Cassette version of DEATHPLUGG’s debut full-length and EP releases. Mongoloid production techniques and heavy-handed sampling are the chosen weapons for this awkward trap assault. Delve into the minds of smoked out demon beings and pray for death… Edition of 20 copies, full-color 2-panel j-card. Artwork by DEATHPLUGG.

THOMAS GERENDAS – ‘Putrid Paintings: Vol. 1-4’ CS
Thick, nebulous sound collage work by THOMAS GERENDAS (Germany). In this, the PUTRID PAINTINGS series, Thomas devours sources from Masayuki Imanishi, Charles Barabé, and himself in order to construct dense, bestial sound-worlds. Raw in texture and hellishly detailed, PUTRID PAINTINGS is industrial underground sound collage at its finest. Each volume released in an edition of 20 copies. Collaborative artwork by Thomas Gerendas and Moon Myst.

Grim harsh noise walls from TROU via France. A long and severe trip through overwhelming static catacombs of putrid distortion. Stoic and immense concrete slabs endlessly scrape and crumble, giving way to something wretched and acute, galvanized by madness. 90 minutes. Edition of 30 copies, full-color 2-panel j-card. Artwork by TROU.

Laminous disorientation jazz from ROB MICHALCHUK (Canada). Shining alto sax veneer stratified and mutated into a disharmonic clouded nightmare. Both hellish and satisfying, MICHALCHUK brings a fresh and crude voice to the gunk jazz cesspool. Edition of 30 copies, full-color 3-panel j-card. Artwork by Moon Myst.



WOS010 Ragamatic – ‘Exire’ CS $4
Ragamatic - Exire 100x100Ragamatic is classically-trained sitarist, Reiner Heidorn of Germany. Ragamatic combines classic Hindustani ragas with otherworldly textures to create a soundscape unique to both West and East. Edition of 50 on dark blue Chrome Plus cassettes with yellow imprinting and full color j-cards.