L. White

LW088 ZHELEZNYY – ‘Terrorism America’ CD 10€
Lim. 100 / DVD slimcase packaging. Hailing from the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. comes Zheleznyy with their album “Terrorism America.” Filled with extreme songs revolving around The U.S.A. and its terroristic actions, Zheleznyy creates sonic songs not for the faint of heart. Influenced by bands such as The Vomit Arsonist, RU-486, Bereft, Organized Resistance and heavily influenced by Sektion B and the most well known and revered acts of the genre Zheleznyy shouts through audible extremities like the title track which gives praise to American terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph for what they have done while also giving a call to those in sleep to wake up and take back the government through violent terroistic actions. The American government is one of the worst terror groups in the world and Zheleznyy fights violently to prove it. Terrorism America, we must stand proudly!

LW090 VILGOC – ‘Eliminate The Target’ CD 10€
lim. 100 / DVD slimcase packaging. HNW from Poland. Implosion against the modern world.


Sacred Phrases

Troniq – ‘When You Realize What’s The Real Paradise’ CS $7
Inspired by the summer sunsets and long evenings spent wandering the Czech Republic countryside, Troniq produces a distinct form of dancefloor ambient that could only come from the genuine heart of Europe. When You Realize What’s The Real Paradise, Martin Kuska’s latest offering under the Troniq namesake, finds the producer mining the same rhythmic meditations as like-minded techno abstractors Blondes or Walls and sifting out gem after gem of deeply personal dance music. Imbued with a certain analog warmth and rife with glorious idiosyncrasies, Kuska jumps from immersive ambiance (“Road Under Pylons,” “Good Times Until the End”) to Opal Tapes-inspired electro (“Glamour Curves Photoshoot,” “Reflections of Steel Peripheral”), leaving plenty of room for oddly curved corridors. “Lets Do Something Else” throbs with the Madchester’s candidness processes through an industrial filter while “Across the Hillside” drifts through a series of ethereal pulses and subterranean low ends. This is real paradise. Includes download code. Limited edition, 100 cassettes.


Imminent Frequencies

Edition of 100. Magnetic Detritus presents the work of eight artists exploring various approaches to contemporary tape-based music.  Through the interplay of collage, electronics and tape manipulation, this set provides a brief glimpse into a vast and evolving form. Packaged in a reel to reel box with paste-on artwork. Featuring: Darksmith, Lea Bertucci, Dog Lady Island, Matt Krefting, Sterile Garden, Aaron Dilloway, Evenings, Gordon Ashworth.


Hacktivism Records

Opaline – ‘Open Source’ CS
Hunter Peter Thompson AKA Opaline has been a workhorse in the synth/ambient community since his beginnings; self releasing his first few tapes in 2012. Consistently releasing one great release after another Opaline has an astonishing track record; working with esteemed tape labels like Phinery, Constellation Tatsu, and most recently Psychic Troubles. His new release “Open Source” is more akin to the early 2015 release “Memory Drain”, starting out with an audacious synth jam then eventually enveloping into warm synthesized ambience as the tape winds down. Hunter explores the most plentiful virtual real estate that surrounds us daily; “Open Source” revels in chilling dreaminess that can only stem from the cold world of data farms and cyberlinks. The perfect soundtrack to the tired eyes of 4AM after a long day of security breaching global networks while running your online warehouse. Take a virtual vacation with this binary bliss!


Cruel Nature

CN048: HOW I QUIT CRACK – ‘Eugenicide’ CS £5
CN048-HIQCAll new recordings seamlessly melded into two extended mixes from the Texas duo. HIQC occupy that dream-like woozy bliss that comes just before waking. It’s spaced-age lounge horror film music. Amazing, frightening, chilling and beautiful all at the same time, with Tina”s eerie haunting vocal running throughout. Think Julee Cruise providing the soundtrack for a special episode of Twin Peaks that’s been commissioned by Hammer Horror. Limited to 50 copies world-wide.

CN047: ST JAMES INFIRMARY – ‘An Antic Pause’ CS £5
CN047-SJISt. James Infirmary, of Ashington, Northumberland (UK), was formed in 1985 as the vehicle for singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist G.W.Lang and has been continuously active ever since. G.W.L. is assisted in producing his prolific output by an evolving and rotating cast of bandmates and (at last count), SJI has boasted in the region of 40 members. This release is a solo work of two massive monolithic synth-driven drones. Clocking in at almost 30 minutes each, they evolve through blissful ambient landscapes to bass-shuddering experimental noise. Limited to 30 copies world-wide.


I Had an Accident

Buriers – ‘We Are Small’ C10 $6
burierssmallBuriers is a UK based anti-rap alternative folk band lead by singer and poet James P Honey. We Are Small is a brief look into the bands talents and sounds, featuring two tracks reaching not quite 10 minutes total. The songs are stripped down, soft, introspective, and observing. Honey’s poetic vocals are transcendental. The progression of vocals and instrumentation represent all the great elements of this band. Each purchase comes with a free tote bag or t-shirt. Limited to 100 cassettes.


Nisei Tapes

Royce H. – ‘Graphic Tea/Group Tease’ C45 $6
psi-01Debut tape from Royce H., ambient noise artist and head of Nisei Tapes. Traverses the worlds of ambience, noise & distortion, prodding at concepts of self, memory, place & appropriation. Composed from a patchwork of tape loops, guitar and field recordings and inspired by the likes of Tim Hecker, The Caretaker and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.



Mankid – ‘Mankid 1’ CS
IMG_0001Debut Cassette ‘Mankid 1’. Recorded live throughout the winter of 2014/2015. An imminent doom pervades throughout and intertwines with blast beats and harmonious feedback as I try to figure out how to get out of bed every morning. I am the Mankid.



CORSET s/t $6
CORSET_PromoViolent urban rhythms from the last gutters of Brooklyn. Members of NYC’s Gowanus Mutant Commandos, the most fabulous punk band in America. American Noise has always been a bit more loose than its European equivalent. There’s been slightly more room for humor and a certain unhinged wildness in the states: we have no real high-culture past, and until the early 2000’s there wasn’t much hope for anyone outside of the scene to give a shit about what terrible new object you can run through a distortion pedal. We’re much more beer than coke, more hot than cool, more Dionysus than Apollo. CORSET falls into this drunken continuum of fucked up American music. This is music to nod your head to, to chant and cheer and celebrate the fact that your life is nothing but a decadent excess of nature. 100 Copies.

VOSE 106 – ‘Can’t Find Me’ CS $6
VOSE106_PromoVOSE 106 is a tentative first step into life after the singularity. Our inadequate bodies will be left behind along with the cultural ephemera of classical capitalism. Handbag house left untouched in the closet. B-sides and sketches of Youtube adds for start-ups that never were. Grooveboxes and Zunes will sit untouched next to scratched and broken freeware CD’s. VOSE 106 does not speak for these future artifacts, but acts as a conduit for their limited voices to be heard. 75 Copies.

Jjakub – ‘Still Standing’ CS $6
Jjakub_PromoJjakub makes sketchy RnB for a world with no rules. 25 Copies.


private press

PSST! Wanna Buy A Record?‘ LP $15
psst-100Private press 300 copy vinyl redux of 1986 UK DIY experimental cassette compilation from post-Homosexuals / Murphy Federation / It’s War Boys crew. Originally released as an annexe to underground comic El Frenzy, edited by crown prince of avant-pop Bing Selfish, the LP contains brittle sounds honed in the housing co-ops, squats and 8-track dens of radical London. El Frenzy editor Bing Selfish compiled PSST, playing on most of the tracks, the rest of the cast include Amos (aka L.Voag / Xentos of The Homosexuals / Amos & Sara / Die Trip Computer Die), Robert Storey (dark heart of The Murphy Federation since 1980), Lepke B. (Milk From Cheltenham / Die Trip Computer Die), Chris Gray (The Homosexuals producer / Amos & Sara / Just Measurers), Mick Hobbs (The Work, Family Fodder). What does it sound like? Delia Derbyshire’s hunkered down in a Stockwell basement, the floor’s strewn with beat up latino, jazz and funk LPs from Oxfam round the corner … her TASCAM’s missing two slider buttons, but she’s got a steady supply of gin. Suddenly a bunch of South London miscreants stumble in, claiming to be “musos” … Delia takes another hit from the bottle and presses record. The next day she wakes up with a banging hangover and rewinds the tape. She jots in her notebook: ‘We’re Only In It For The Money’ kerb crawling ‘Soft Machine Volume Two’ with Coxsone lighting up a spliff in the doorway … strictly no commercial potential. Contains 16 page A4 risograph booklet with Bing Selfish & Knutsford Hanoi interview + A3 insert with fellow squatland traveler Richard Dudanski (PiL / 101ers) interviewed.