DK055 Myrmecophagous – ‘Gardens’ C40
DK055psiMyrmecophagous is a noise music duo, which consists of Aaron Giazzon and the producer and performer Fabrizio De Bon. They combine the (60s) experimental and sound effect-like employment of the guitar with the most stinging and radical harsh noise of the Japanese school. The result is a continuous flux of sounds and noises, together with sensations that are captivating and unsettling at the same time. The name “Mymecophagus” means “which feeds on ants”. The experimental music can catch the listener unprepared, at times, or leave them unconvinced, which is exactly what happens eating a spoonful of ants. The noise has, however, the ability to contribute to the immersion of emotions and energy. Artwork drawing by Gola Hundun.

DK054 WOUND – ‘Be a sign a in the flow’ C30
DK054psiWOUND is the most intimate and isolationist side of the musician and sound agitator Massimo Onza aka Truculentboy, member of drone duo Compoundead and punk core project Tronco; from 2004 to 2009 he’s been head honcho of Mastro Titta Productions and from 2010 of SINCOPE Records, as well as current curator of MammaMiaQuantoSangue zine.The two pieces that make up his cassette for Dokuro are initially characterized by static sound elements, isolated pulses and electrical crackles. With the passing of minutes details take shape and sounds are listened as if they were intercepted through the use of an imaginary directional microphone aimed at the darkness to a dark room, revealing the teeming hidden life. Some frequencies make their way through others: clashing, colliding and chasing with each other, giving rise to the climax of the piece. The compositional strategy proposed by WOUND is expressed in two different contexts: the titletrack of the a-side is a studio recording and for the b-side a live recording at the Dal Verme in Rome. With this release Massimo Truculentboy Onza manages to combine the sincere roughness of noise with the aptitude of the electroacoustic improvisation that usually prompts the listener to an attentive and partecipatory listening. Artwork drawing by Valerio Beltrame, layout by mic/nodolby.

DK053 FKK2 – ‘Out-Burn’ CD
dk053psiDokuro is proud to present the collaboration between two veterans and masters of the Japanese noise scene: K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka) and FK (Fumio Kosakai of INCAPACITANTS). The first track “Showroom Mummies” of K2 is an high-energy piece full of omnidirectional sonic explosions and distorted whirpools.
Mr. Kusafuka’s skill is that he knows how to push the limits a little further in the threshold of endurance. oFumio Kosakai surprises by proposing instead an exercise in musique concrète that is most likely the quieter work of all his repertoire. Field recordings of trains sounds are assembled into a piece constantly balanced between silence and storytelling. The total absence of crowd’s presence in the soundscape places the listener as the only witness to this race in the Yokohama Express. The CD ends with “Radioactivit-Art” a four-handed tune, where the two noise-masters give the best of themselves, the sound writhes in perpetuum, in a centrifugal thrust that reaches the maximum noise. The rule is simple but effective: the more intense is the sonic overpowering the higher is the ecstatic rapture. Artwork drawing by Valerio Beltrame, layout by mic/nodolby.


Macho Blush

Macho Blush – ‘Firma’ CS $6
Macho Blush Art 1Macho Blush is Austin based Gina Probst, a self taught multi-instrumentalist raised around music and inculcated with the natural sense of experimentation that comes from such elaborate solo-orchestration… ‘Firma’ shows Probst at work with a willful, shifting sense of focus, creating a blunt, semi-conscious serialism that colors almost all of her recordings. Her obscured voice is the tape’s most static element, though it exists in almost constant transposition with itself, sometimes in sparse decay and at others in the center of diffuse swells of noise. The effect is like exploring a dream full of signs and symbols with only an incomplete, and self-modifying, index to their significance. ‘Firma’ is music that most closely scrutinizes human origins. 100 ed. Cassette, Goldenrod Shells.


I Had an Accident

Scatter Brain – ‘Grand Theft Audio Vol. 3′ $10
scatterbrainsmallRed Lotus Klan’s Scatter Brain returns with the third installment of his Grand Theft Audio series. Another dark rap album featuring beats and breaks that stun and bounce against Scatter Brain’s lyrical assault. The laid back style and legendary rhymes turns each album into an instant classic and representation of underground hip hop. Limited to 50 mirror silver cassettes


Fairfax Industries

DEPLETION – ‘Null Data’ C40 £4/£6(world)
Experimental electronic/musique concrete. Lo-fi tracks using various analog synths, electronics, tape-loops, effects, objects etc. Limited to 30 copies on chrome tapes.


Full Body Massage Records

“its all in the background, the form and the shapes, they could be fine or rough. The composition is all that matters. Anger and outlet in judith’s house is like a sketch book of sound reworked in to this delicate blend of piano, field recording and bursts of electronic.” Anger and outlet in judith’s house comes with a short story by author john holten.

“a version of pop made with bedroom aesthetics and a gaze in to space. Is it human or machine? Or was it a dream. Electronic, piano and tape manipulation
form this abstract tale.” about Lior. lior gekler is an a isreali musician playing both solo and in bands [ dirty hands on a trash like you…]. Lior range from the delicate to the extreme, he creates a new personal sonic perspective to share .With the use of guitar, piano and electronic devices lior assembles unique and delicate forms.

“reflections on movements in urban scenery, uooou first release is a collection
of recombined hazey sonic memory that stands on the edge of techno.” about uooou. uooou is one of the many monikers of this secretive musician, and as so he is always on the move between cities and countries. In this project uooou creates a blend of recombined textures that stands on the edge of techno.

Wizard Ashdod – ‘Live At Waldfest 2014/EMCK’ CS
“live at waldfest 2014 is a documentation of the spontaneous show of wizard ashdod [guitar] and bastian hagedorn [percussion] at the first o tannenbaum waldfest, played at the “forest stage” it is a hypnotic improvised journey “. emck is a piece by wizard ashdod – a movement through a hypnotic forest.
[emck art cover by Monika Grabuschnigg‏] about wizard ashdod. wizard ashdod plays romantic drone. Using guitar, effects and a mobile phone he creates a blend of longform sprawls of lush layered hypnotic drone music that rests on 19 century romantic aesthetics.


Pome Pome Tones

Dire Wolves – ‘The Bernal Codex’ C50 $7
New rawk recordings from this San Francisco band that invented goth choogle. Dire Wolves (Absolutely Perfect Brothers Band) play witchy overblown cosmic improv for fans of Pharoah Overlord, George RR Martin, Can, Träd Gräs och Stenar and twenty sided dice. This is their seventh full-length cassette release since 2008.

Jackie-O Motherfucker – ‘Smiles’ C45 $7
All-new studio recordings from Italy. Gooey fake jazz and fractured folk. Beautiful five-panel insert.

Jeffrey Alexander – ‘Floating Lights’ C50 $7
Another new solo JA release of new age rippers. Originally a download-only release in May 2015, now on tape with an exclusive bonus track.


Heavy Psych

Fifth in the Commitment Series. Featuring collaborative & solo works by Kevin McEleney & Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Monorail Trespassing). 8.5″ x 5.5″, 14 pages B&W, hand numbered edition of 50.



PHR-123 ARKLIGHT – ‘Eternal Life in New York City’ CDr
22NYC’s own Arklight unearths from the basement a stunning album which features outsider songwriting through stripped playability. Crafting sincere songs on the verge of 90s era 4AD melancholy and Shadow Ring’s isolated ghost reverb, Arklight have been restlessly modifying their sound, this time transforming into a standard rock-trio format to breathe new life into it, the mature epitome of decaying urban loneliness. Listen and become one w/ yourself. Edition of 100 copies w/ offset covers.



ndnlsmallNDNL are L. Rice & V. Alves. A brewer, choral collective with a penchant for keyboards & liberal economic theory. East Anglia/Portugal. A-pulsing, a-droning & a-muttering coalesce across two sides (15 minutes). On some tracks, phrases are repeated lots of times, while another member of NDNL plays synthesizers, making noises like “whoaaaaaa, sqqqqqqrrrrrrrrrr, llllllooooooooo”. I’m not selling it, but just have a think. Pound Shop Posh Isolation, that’s us. £4 worldwide delivery? We’ve sent stuff to Tasmania, it’s a fucking joke. Edition of 44, all cassettes are cable-tied into their cases. Artwork is a coloured diamond & an old hand. Hehe.

secdsmallSAMANTHA GRACE EDWARDS produces undulating, throbbing drone music in North London. Glasses Bear recently saw her performing in a warehouse. Stuttering samples swim beneath the radar while thick multi-sonic waves ebb & flow in great meandering swashes. Moody & introspective, GRACELAND is perfect for clearing out those summer sunshine blues & reconnecting with the flat, oppressive gloom of the wet winter. GRACELAND was recorded in the capital of England within the last 12 months. All profits from this release go to supporting impoverished speed boat captains. Keep on rockin’ guys/gals (on the high seas). Edition of 50 CDs with double-sided black & white card insert. Graveyard on-CD printing.

inthreadssmallIN THREADS is the sound of three (free) people in a room throwing music around it. It bounces off the walls & into a “portable recording device”. Daniel Spicer (Mystery Lesson Radio, Bollide), Dr Parsons (struck off?) & Verity Spott (books & music etc) comprise this newly formed trio, weaving skimpy tattered jazz garments out of thin air… & instruments & that… Churning cello drones, bamboo saxophone dances, cymbals sing & drums chatter. This is Sunday mourning music. Recorded in Brighton, UK in late 2014. IN THREADS have since performed live in the South East of England & intend to do so again. A must have for fans of “kalt kaffe” & non-alcoholic sunrises. Edition of 49. Black & grey CDs with recycled wrap around covers.

rrs2tapesmallROBERT RIDLEY-SHACKLETON returns to Beartown for another excursion into the (un)known. Knackered karaoke king vs rumbling cave-side calamities. Wretched rhythms on the mountainside stumble alongside CASIO casualties & tic-tac-toe drum beats. A miserable meander through the mind matrix of a one-man mad mansion. Screaming uncles at the wedding disco. Screaming cousins at the wedding disco. A murder in the DJ booth. A baby born in the DJ booth. Distorted mumbling & wafer-thin organ sounds. HELLO is, without a doubt, a complete disasterpiece. Discretion advised at every juncture. Edition of 55. Yellow tapes with fungus design on one bit & “colliding model toff column” art on another bit.


Liminal Noise

LN010 Bird People/Waterflower split C30 £5
WF - BP Cover - FrontEdition: 50. Artwork by Sabine Moore. Sparkly green cassettes. Bird People is Austrian Ulrich Rois, a prolific musician who creates psychedelic, ritual music from a variety of instruments and sources. This particular release was the product of a collaboration with two new band members in a live recording with no overdubs and barely any effects. Waterflower is an audio visual journey into the atmospheric, ethereal world of mixed-media artist Sabine Moore. Based in Riga, Latvia, she uses a musical collage of toy sounds, running water, glass beads, calculator beeps, ghostly piano melodies and her sublime vocalisations to create unique song forms. Her meditative music combines influences from the rich tradition of Latvian folk song whilst employing elements of modern pop.

LN009 Lost Harbours – ‘Into the failing light’ CD £8
Lost Harbours Into the Failing CoverEdition: 500. Artwork by Lost Harbours. Lost Harbours second album, recorded Into the Failing Light was written during the long, bleak winter of 2012 / 2013. Holed up in a tiny studio in their decaying sea – side town, battered by the Northerly winds claustrophobia set in, troubled hearts remained shaken, splintered and anxious. Meditating on the Battle of Maldon, ancient poetry of failure and ruin formed the basis of Winter Shall Reign; whilst catharsis and the intense horror of pavor nocturnas informed the rest of the album.

LN008 ‘Any love is good love‘ CD £8
Any Love CoverEdition: 500. This album was compiled by Ste McCabe and Emma Reed and released to help raise awareness of homophobia and transphobia and to encourage discussion and progress around these issues, as well as raising money for Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester. It was sparked by one of many, many violent attacks which are carried out against people who are, or even just seem to be, deviating from what some people see as ‘the norm.’

LN007 NOW – ‘The Tape’ C20 £4
Now CoverEdition: 50. Artwork by Justin Paton. Yellow cassettes
20 minute cassette from legendary London stalwarts NOW, bring their own brand of kosmiche rock infused experimental pop.