Yokohama Productions

Keiji Haino – ‘Live 2000’ C60 $5
smallProlific live recording from 2000 from Japanese musicians.
For color artwork and great quality, and contains the duplication of tape in real time.


NNA Tapes

NNA092: Battle Trance – ‘Blade of Love’ LP
Ships on release date – August 26th, 2016. Tenor saxophone quartet Battle Trance is proud to announce their sophomore album Blade of Love. The follow-up to their widely acclaimed debut Palace of Wind (2014), Blade of Love is an elemental composition that aims to fulfill the tenor saxophone’s expansive potential as an ensemble instrument. Working within the intimate intersection of the human body/breath and the saxophone, Blade of Love is a spiritual and enigmatic work with a deep emotional resonance. Since forming in 2012, the four saxophonists in Battle Trance (Travis Laplante, Patrick Breiner, Matt Nelson, Jeremy Viner) have spent hundreds of hours deepening their musical connection with each other, maturing as an ensemble through relentless touring everywhere from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, Montreal to Vancouver, and most places in between. The three movements of Blade of Love were composed by Battle Trance leader Travis Laplante in a wooden room with soaring ceilings in the Vermont forest. Blade of Love was recorded after two years of rigorous rehearsals working to perfect the array of extended techniques, both virtuosic and primal, required to bring the challenging piece to life. Blade of Love’s central focus is on the physical and spiritual intersection of the saxophone and the human body. The saxophone is one of the few instruments that literally enters the body of the person playing it, and Blade of Love is a medium for this sacred meeting place, with each member of Battle Trance using the saxophone as a vessel for the human spirit. Singing has an inherent power, but that power is heightened in the context of Blade of Love. At times, the four players sing while exhaling through the saxophone tubes, using the instrument’s keys to shift the timbre of their voices. Laplante also integrates non-traditional mouth articulations, using the saxophone as a resonant chamber for these inventive sounds. Laplante explains: “There were certain specific sounds that I imagined being in Blade of Love, but I couldn’t get close enough to them using traditional saxophone tone — sounds like arrows flying through the air, birds singing or flying overhead, bombs, water running, the wind, the sound of fire, singing in church, making love, killing, waves crashing, fighting for your life, thunder, the sound of rage, howling, crying, laughing, the sound of my last breath… So I began working on different ways for the saxophone to get closer to these sounds, and the resulting techniques became part of the fabric of Blade of Love.” Travis Laplante describes composing Blade of Love as “the most torturous and demanding compositional experience of my life.” He continues: “It’s painful for me to try to explain what this music ‘means,’ because in a sense it has no meaning — and at the same time, it means everything. I just hope Blade of Love will release something in both the listener and the performer’s hearts. It doesn’t ask for anything in return.” Vinyl LP comes packaged with digital download coupon. Compact Disc & Digital versions released by New Amsterdam Records (NWAM080).


Bonding Tapes

Mr. Abstract Butta Fingas – ‘Invictus’ CS $6
100Bonding Tapes is proud to present Mr. Abstract Butta Fingas latest cassette, Invictus. This release showcases the producer’s musical range with beats from the ethersphere.


DJ Lil Nip Slip

DJ Lil’ Nip Slip – ‘Randomizer’
dj lns randomizer coverTwenty-five tracks composed using randomly generated synth patches from Brooklyn based DJ Lil’ Nip Slip. Infinite hallways. Small wonders hidden in chaos.


Garrett Douglas

Garrett Douglas – ‘Vol. I’ CS $4
This lovely red tape is the second release by Atlanta singer-songwriter Garrett Douglas. After recording his first ep, a small demo of single guitar and vocal tracks, he took months working on creating a definitive sound and adding layers of instruments on the standout tracks. Pretty groovy stuff.



UROK – ‘Nagawor’ CD
Urok_coverDebut album of duo called UROK (polish for enchantment, charm) consists of 10 spells made with audial smears, tar, samples and fragments of parapsychological tapes. Each track is a specific kind of positive witchcraft, helping to deal with the curses. Each track is named after an traditional slavic spectres. UROK through the use of vocal samples, elements of ambient music, vaporwave or new age in the form of rituals shifts the boundary and redefines occult music in the post-internet era. People beneath the project are M. (Mazut, Gazawat, Jonasz Karpinski) and R. (Micromelancolié, Forrest Drones, Ixora). Album is released as a screenprinted CD in jewel case, in limited edition of 200 pcs.


I Had an Accident

maticulous – ‘The Chrome Tape’ CS $8
The Chrome Tape from maticulous, a limited quantity of cassettes with a variety of beats. Amazing drums with a twist of funk, jazz, and back to the basic boom bap hip hop. A must have for you listening pleasures. Side B is the instrumental tracks from his previous release The maticulous LP.


Tristan Welch

Tristan Welch – ‘Washington D.C.’ CS $6
0007779586_10Cassette tape (Red Tint) with O-Card cassingle packaging. Shrink wrapped. Comes with a 4×4 sticker (shown). Download card. This is a self-released (sleepytimemusic) cassette of minimalist heavy ambient movements. Drones for peace. Side 1 is titled ‘D’. Side 2 is titled ‘C’. Both pieces stay in their respective keys with a strong focus on their respective notes. The repetition of the notes layered and looped over each other create textures and atmosphere’s that remain unachieved by playing something once – unaffected. The atmosphere of a failing rail system. The disappointment of gentrified neighborhoods. The insecurity behind a lost statehood. The headquarters behind mindless drone strikes.


Palm Tapes

Double Winter – ‘Watching Eye’ C27 $5
doublewinterOn Watching Eye, Detroit-based Double Winter are sharpened to tight, sonic, precision. Their sound is Holly Johnson’s expressive basslines and cooly detached vocals, Vittorio Vettraino’s inexhaustible supply of inspiring guitar, Augusta Morrison’s ear for harmonic coloring via violin and Morgan McPeak’s bouncing rock syncopations. Double Winter’s artistry seems to leave its members somewhat free in their aural space, yet they play with synergy. On “XO, Skeleton” Audiofemme writes: “Doesn’t overthink and in doing so delivers a sweetly melancholic, hair-twirling, window-watching serenade.” Playground Detroit writes: “With about a minute left, Double Winter takes the track double time, illustrating the duality of the song and overall versatility of the quirky quad.” From dreamy ballad vibes in “Jazz Dancer” to the goth punk snarls of “Blood Candy,” Watching Eye captures the energy of Double Winter’s live gigs, and showcases their memorable song-craft.



Night Auditor – ‘Drugz’ 7″
Drugz coverNight Auditor’s third EP, Drugz, is a psychedelic gem that represents the band’s first professionally recorded and mastered offering. A follow-up to their debut Drugzdilla EP (2015), Drugz shows a shift in the band’s aesthetic from a more self-produced, boogie/modern-funk style, rich with analog synthesizers and drum machines, to an impeccably produced, timelessly funky, soulful, and gritty sound with sexy saxophone arrangements, crisp guitars, brazen drums, a booming low end via the legendary Prophet 6 synthesizer, and an animated vocal performance by Night Auditor’s front-man/composer Hilal Omar Al Jamal. Drugz follows the same psychedelic-funk-noise-pop trajectory as Drugzdilla, with influences ranging from Curtis Mayfield and Frank Zappa to Bootsy Collins and Beck. But Drugz attacks that trajectory with a greater precision and sophistication, both in terms of the concept and the execution of the record. Released in an edition of 300 7-Inch records (200 on black vinyl and 100 on white vinyl with green splatter). Housed inside a pro-printed record jacket with artwork by Kriss Stress. Pro-printed insert and digital download code included.