Hello L.A.

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Hell#001: Morbidly-o-Beats – ‘Growing Like Fungus’
Free EP from producer/emcee Morbidly-o-Beats (Chicago,IL).

Hell#002: Marjen and LV Frett – ‘Arriving Late’
Free Vocal/Instrumental single by Marjen (production) and LV Frett (raps).

Hell#003: Unemployment – ‘Six Dark Years’
Free mini-EP by France based artist Unemployment.

Hell#004: V8 – ‘The Hello.L.A. Blue Light Special’
Free album from Chicago emcee/producer V8, featuring appearances and production by DJ Pain1, Radioinactive, Morbidly-O-Beats, K-The-I???, Vyle, Orel and more.

Hell#005: AngrySpace – ‘Analog’
Free EP by AngrySpace (K-The-I??? and V8).

Hell#006: V8 (as Big Richard starring in) – ‘The Rolled Up Goat And A Horse EP’
Free EP by Chicago based artist V8 with production by V8, Purekreation, Teddy Faley, K-¬The-¬I???, Orel and Full Exposure.

Hell#007: Unemployment – ‘Words’
Free mini-EP by France based artist Unemployment.

Hell#008: Alaska – ‘Alkast’
Free mixtape from Alaska (Atoms Family, Hangar 18 / Def Jux) rapping over Outkast beats with guest spots from Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, Elsphinx and Randon Bowerman.

Hell#009: Sludge Factorie – ‘Smashed Rats’
Free release from Chicago’s Sludge Factorie (V8 & Morbidly-O-Beats).

Hell#010: Bakus – ‘Theodore EP’
Free EP from L.A. emcee Bakus with production by Morbidly-O-Beats, Jonathan Tramp, and EQ.

Hell#011: Marjen and Skizza – ‘Skyblack’
Free Vocal/Instrumental single from Saskatoon’s Marjen (production) and Skizza (raps).


Heavy Psych

HP66: AMK – ‘Amboy’ C20
New recordings from Anthony Michael King (Banned Productions). Extensive record & flexi-disc research and manipulation. Hypnotic sound collage at its finest. edition of 25

HP67: SISSISTERS – ‘Catholic Prayer’ C47
Pure harsh noise from Patrick Murch (MATA Gallery, Christian Pop Records). Frantic feedback and contact mic abuse mixed with field recordings. Religious Potency. edition of 25

By: Kevin McEleney & Maria Garcia. Fourth in the Commitment Series. Featuring collaborative works by Kevin McEleney & Maria Garcia (MATA Gallery, Unica) . 8.5″ x 5.5″, 14 pages, B&W. edition of 30.


2:00AM Tapes

[2:07] Nigro – ‘Slow Synapse’
IMG_20150325_110252Mike Nigro of Brooklyn NY crafts a varied but cohesive swath of sound on Slow Synapse. From the loose 1-2 drum march on the opening track, peppered with haunting slapback low end stabs all held together with giant swells of saturated feedback, to the warm bath slow burning warp of “Somn” Nigro stays deep in the zone and keeps you there with him.

[2:08] radiokoala – ‘Whoop-De-Do’
IMG_20150325_110309On Whoop-De-Do, radiokoala bends and twists genres effortlessly into a canopy of electronic works evoking wildlife and exotic landscapes with a primal urgency and totally uninhibited celebration of sound.

[2:09] Charles Barabé – ‘Cicatrice, Scar, Éclair’
IMG_20150325_110323Charles Barabé came out of nowhere, or if you want to get all kinda technicals on me, Victoriaville Quebec and introduced himself through his amazing cassette label La Cohu back in 2012. Since then he has been dishing out releases at a workaholics pace, blending elements of mad scientist synthesizer experiments, musique concrète, and modern composition into dense and hairbrained franken-jams. If you can’t get into this shit, come back tomorrow and we will discuss it because it is quite the problem. (See what I did there, Charles? You’re not Charles? Ok well listen to this record and you’ll get the joke.)


Outward Records

Cold Clouds – ‘Cold Clouds’ C62 $6
coldcloudssmallOutward Records is pleased to debut the first full length from Cold Clouds. Clocking in at just over an hour, this tape will take you on a ride for sure.


Yerevan Tapes

METZENGERSTEIN – ‘Alchemy To Our Days’ C50
Metzengerstein is a Tuscany-based trio formed by members of art collective Ambient-Noise Session who has their debut tape Albero Specchio released by Expo 70 Justin Wright’s Sonic Meditations back in 2013 (and recently re-releases on wax by Italian imprint HARSH). On March 30 Yerevan Tapes will releases their second effort called Alchemy To Our Days, a brand new six-track album where the band explores hallucinating sounds and ritual, mythological abstractions even deeper. Featuring field recordings from the Temple of Jerusalem by domestic artist Giovanni Lami, sax incursions by Virginia Genta from Jooklo Duo and trumpets by Marco Baldini, Metzengerstein have achieved one more intoxicating work able to convey primordial and mystical feelings, wisely manipulating the tools of kraut rock, space rock and psychedelia. Limited edition of 100 on black tape cassette.


Sacred Phrases

Kara-Lis Coverdale – ‘Aftertouches’ CS
Aftertouches playfully exploits the systemic nature of a post-sacred and post-instrument world, continuing Kara-Lis Coverdale’s exploration of coded realism and virtual transfiguration. Through an optimistic lens, Aftertouches explores and celebrates the multiple voices of the machine. Synthetic instruments sourced from VSTs, sound banks, and personal archives are arranged into holograms of dreams once inspired by physical origin. Through digital superimposition processes, instrument profiles mutate and take on new forms of articulation. Crystalline organs support and prop plastic voices and insistent water flutes dance with metallically chromatic snake-like motifs in vignettes of compositional schizophrenia. Absurd and delightful fusions seething through temporal portholes are unexpectedly swiped left, enveloped by dense clouds of lament and remembrance. Kara-Lis Coverdale is a Montreal composer and performer whose work interrogates the distinction between the human and the machine. Coverdale is a recipient of the ACNMP Contemporary Showcase promising young artist award presented by Ann Southam and is active in both the studio and in performance as a keyboardist, organist, and collaborator (Tim Hecker, LXV, and others).



Charlyne Yi – ‘Live From Hell’ CS
Charlyne Yi cassette coverCharlyne Yi has done pretty much everything. She is an alumni of Upright Citizens Brigade and has an original and awkward style of performing stand-up comedy. She draws and paints and has shown her work at various locations around Los Angeles. She wrote and stared in 2009’s film Paper Heart and has appeared on various TV shows ranging from appearing in an episode of 30 Rock to joining the cast of House for it’s final season. She has composed music for film, was the frontwoman of the now defunct band The Rangdangs (who saw a cassette release on Burger Records) and is currently making music alongside ex-Wide Streets frontman Jet Elfman as Sacred Destinies. This, however, is her debut solo album, half of which was recorded by Tabor Allen in Los Angeles, California and the other half by Jamie Thompson in Montreal, Canada. Lisa Gamble, Jen Reimer, Aaron Olson, Philip Kronhengold, Jordan Katz, Jamie Thompson, Tabor Allen and Jet Elfman all add instrumentation to these recordings with incredible results. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes, housed inside of a screen printed, folding chipboard case. Artwork for this release was done by Charlyne Yi and Jet Elfman. Includes an insert and digital download card.


Lighten Up Sounds

WHIPSWading through waist deep mud, choking on sulphuric haze. Fresh physical document of live action from TWIN WHIPS. Bleak electronics brutalism and unsettling dungeon sound from South Minneapolis duo of Andy Neubauer & Matthew Himes. Two side long tracks of dark ambient/electro fog for malicious dream state. Electric viola, waveform generator, handmade 8-track loops and menacing hypno-growl combine to disturbing effect. Swell and ebb, sealed w/ supremely twisted vocal attack. Professionally duplicated to cobalt tape, bright red imprint on opaque white shell with red leader. Comes beautifully packaged with custom two color process print J-card on 35 pt. gloss stock featuring full lyric transcription on the inside. Edition of 100. Bad vibes all around!


Cruel Nature

CN036: Chochos y Moscas single-sided C30 £3
chochosThe average lifespan of a mosquito is only eleven days, Chochos y Moscas are mosquito supporters. They met in the year that the water supply was stopped at eight o’clock. Motivated by the carnival rides and inspired by working machinery they were immersed in a world of fantasy and irony. As they do not know how to draw well, they paint the pictures of their mundane lives through the gift of song to you. Presenting 80 Spanish experimental-boogaloo-grind-noise-merengue-powerviolence-salsacore in 15 minutes! Recorded on high quality red cassette, packaged in a red and black gatefold inlay and a red case. Limited to 25 cassettes world-wide.

CN037: Embrace Of Hedera/Raining Forest – ‘Forgotten Stories’ C20 £5
embraceEmbrace of Hedera is the work of Ukrainian Lilita Arndt who bewitches us with three works of melancholic Gothic acoustic neo-folk with haunting vocals, Brazil’s Raining Forest dish up four instrumental tracks of astral black metal guitar. Recorded on high quality green cassette, packaged in full colour gatefold inlay. Limited to 25 cassettes world-wide.

CN038: Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd – ‘Abendstimmung Über Einer Dorfstraße’ C40 £5
beheatBowing out in style with this final release, Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd serves up three lush dark ambient / black metal fuzz guitar meets electronica soundscapes. Oozing melody and cinematic atmosphere with echoes of Tangerine Dream at their finest. Co-released with Locust Amber Records and limited to 30 copies world-wide, split across 15 orange tapes and 15 pink tapes.



GOD 29 KLAUS LANG – ‘Organ Works Vol. 2′ LP
The second instalment of Klaus Lang’s organ works and once again,two monumental works that span over two vinyl sides. “ABD” – contemporary vision of sacral chord progressions. “melrose abbey.” – perverse art of mourning music. Ultimate drone. Absolute torment.