Mensen Blaffen – ‘Verzameld Werk’ CD
ccMensen Blaffen was a six piece band from Aalst in Belgium. They excelled in playing post- modernist funk & weird rock. When asked how they would describe their work the members said “hardcore-chanson, mixed with ugliness, sweetness and dirty worms in a rotten horse together.” The main characteristic of Mensen Blaffen is the fact that their music is hard to describe. They where often compared in music style to A Certain Ratio. After a few years of rehearsing the band participated in 1984 in Belgian’s Rock Rally. They reached the finals and shortly after they released their debut, the mini-lp “Mensen Blaffen”. Their music showed a certain playfulness and naivety, Dutch lyrics full of sound associations and exclamation marks, the cooing and unctuous voice of Sylvie Honnay and the funky sax and percussion, comparable to the style of Defunkt or Lavvi Ebbel. Some tracks were played several times by John Peel in his trendsetting radio show, showing a lot of appreciation for the band. The debut mini-lp was produced by Jo Bogaert (the man behind the international hit “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic.) In the same year they did a few supports (Virgin Prunes, Blurt, Anne Clark), changed their record company and went looking for a new producer. Fred A aka Gerry Vergult (of Aroma Di Amore) seemed to be the right man for the job. Early 1986 they released their second mini-lp “D’un Seul Coup”. Eye catchers were the swinging “Hippopotame” and the sultry track “Kleine Vamp”. It was a homogeneous whole in which the surrealistic lyrics in French and Dutch of Sylvie Honnay got enough space.The famous Dutch music magazine OOR gave the release an enthusiastic review. The follow-up was the maxi-single “Krengen” somewhat more rough and more danceable songs, subtle aiming at the charts. A lot of gigs in Belgium and Holland followed. They also played in Germany and France and did a radioshow in Lille (Fréquence Nord). But it was time for a change. After intensive rehearsals they released their full album “Raven” in 1988. A tremendous album full of energizing guitar songs with a dark edge in a production of Theo Van Eenbergen (Nasmak,Henry Rollins Band). Sadly enough their final statement didn’t receive the attention it deserved.  Now after more than 25 years it’s time to get their work out there again on this 80-minute compilation cd. Enjoy!Mensen Blaffen were: Jan Van den Brande (Bass/Guitar), Mario Segers (Bass/Synthe- sizer/Percussion), Sylvie Honnay (Vocals), Pascal Baeyens (Guitar, 1st album), Steven Lorie (Drums), Ludo Vervliet (Bass), Eddy Valk (Saxophone)

Aroma Di Amore – ‘Onverdeeld’ 2CD
rrIgnored by the masses, loved by the underground, never simple always unique. For many years now they’re considered to be thé cult group of Flanders. In 2009 they made their come-back and did several gigs in Belgium. They released an lp with unreleased and rare tracks (Ongehoord) and a CD with new songs (Samizdat). Both were released by Onderstroom. End 2015 Aroma Di Amore is planning a new release and tour. More info soon on this. Carried by a deep bass, typical cold new wave drums, biting guitar riffs and a shamanic voice they make about the most original music of their generation. Aroma di Amore makes subtle as well as raw songs with the occasional flavor of absolute madness. Through the years, bass-players, a saxophonist and lots of other musicians come and go. The core of the band consists of Fred Angst on guitar, Lo Meulen on bass & Elvis Peeters behind the mic. The double disc set “Onverdeeld” is an anthology of more than a quarter century of musical output. The two discs contain almost all of the tracks that ever appeared on LP, completed by a few live-tracks and 4 unreleased songs. The booklet of 16 pages immerses you in the smell of love. With pictures by Eric Didden, an extensive biography and the extraordinary lyrics by Elvis Peeters.


RVNG Intl.

Ariel Kalma – ‘An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 – 1979)’ 2LP/2CD
An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 – 1979) compiles unreleased recordings from the archives of multiversal artist Ariel Kalma. Kalma’s boundary-blurring electronic music is heard here in radiant detail across a selection of work spanning his early free-jazz and spoken word trips to his infinite modular synthesizer and analogue rhythm machine meditations. Kalma’s story is one of world travel, musical discovery and ego-abandonment – an artist who often discarded public recognition in favor of the ascetic truths in music making. Both standard black vinyl and limited green pastel colored vinyl editions are available to pre-order now at the shop, but the digital album can be downloaded immediately.

Bing & Ruth – ‘Climber (Dreams of Quebec)’
Bing & Ruth share “Climber (Dreams of Quebec)”, their contribution to Stadium & Shrines’ series, Dreams. “Dreams is an exploration of places, or rather, ideas of places from a bygone era, through collaboration.” Inspired by Nathaniel Whitcomb’s handmade collage invoking a Canadian landscape where recreational sledding leads to glacial inevitability, Bing & Ruth’s live recording of “Climber” (an outtake from their recently issued Tomorrow Was The Golden Age) provides a slow dose of courage for serene ascension. Or in these sledders’ case, acceleration. Learn more about “Climber” and the collage at Stadiums & Shrines.

Guiddo w/ Georges Perin – ‘Gin ‘n’ Tears’ 12″
Globetrotting music producer Guiddo debuts on Beats In Space Records with the Gin ‘n’ Tears EP, three tracks of Balearic bliss featuring the soulful of psalm of Greek-French vocalist Georges Perin.


Absurdia Records

SORRY (the artists usually known as “William S. Burroughs Hurts”) – ‘Silver Surf Motel Ocean Front Indoor Pool’ C60 5€
hgAfter five years of being heavily active under the name “William S. Burroughs Hurts”, touring all over Europe, releasing two full length albums and 2 EPs, and even publishing two books written by singer Janne Ratia and piano man Thomas Antonic, the band decided to take a break and kick off an anarchic side project. As SORRY they released their first album now as C-60 cassette only, with 8 bluesy / folky / experimental songs on the A-side from different recording sessions in Finland and Austria, partly mixed by legendary bassist and producer Kramer at his Noise Miami studio, and one very interesting experimental track on the b-side called “Poems from Whoreship Island”, a 30 minute long tour de force featuring the recitation of Bukowskiesque poetry accompanied by a wonderful undertow, created only by an acoustic guitar and an old pump organ.


Fleeting Youth Records

FYR018 ‘Blooming‘ CS $6
FYR018Featuring amazing hand drawn art from Valentino Tettamanti, this blue cassette with black ink holds 90+ minutes of fuzz-fucked bliss from 33 different bands. Grunge, shoegaze, post-hardcore, garage rock, and more!

FYR019 ‘Baldy Longhair & Fleeting Youth Records Present: Two Way Tie For Last‘ CS $5
FYR019A collabo compilation with Baldy Longhair Records! 38 Bands, 38 New Songs, 101 minutes of punk, garage, and fuzz rock madness.

FYR021 VLMA s/t CS $5
FYR021This striking Baltimore Oriole orange cassette with black ink holds VLMA’s first two EPs where early Mudhoney-esque grunge meets charged-up garage punk a la FIDLAR.

FYR022 Le Rug – ‘Swelling (My Own Worst Anime)’ CS $5
FYR022This crisp clear cassette with blue ink holds Le Rug’s latest and (supposedly) last intense and debased record full of death, cynicism, and heartbreak.



LA RACE – ‘4cm de mon amour’ 10E
this is an LP. this is beautiful. this is rough. this is the proof that rock music is still dying. this is life in its negative beauty reduced to 30 minutes. this is some riff lasting for 6 minutes because these boys are almost young now. this is blood related people from klaus legal, headwar, vespre



loscil – ‘Sea Island’
Sea Island is a collection of new material composed and recorded over the past two years. While many of these compositions were performed live extensively prior to recording, others were constructed in the studio and are being heard for the first time here. Musically, the album represents a range of compositional approaches. Murky, densely textured depths of sound are explored with subtle pulses and pings woven within, contrasted with composed or improvised moments of acoustic instrumentation making a move into the foreground. Certain tracks on Sea Island such as album opener Ahull make rhythm their focus by exploring subtle polyrhythms and investigating colliding moments of repetition and variation. Though staunchly electronic at its core, instruments such as vibraphone and piano make appearances, and layers of live musicality, improvisation and detail appear in the looped and layered beds of manipulated sound recordings. A varied cast of players appear in the loscil “ensemble”, some familiar collaborators from the past such as Jason Zumpano on rhodes and Josh Lindstrom on vibraphone, and others new to the mix such as Fieldhead’s Elaine Reynolds who provides layered violin on Catalina 1943, and Ashley Pitre contributing vocals on Bleeding Ink. Seattle pianist Kelly Wyse, who collaborated with loscil on his 2013 edition of piano-centric reworks Intervalo, performs on the tracks Sea Island Murders and En Masse.


Imminent Frequencies

TVE – ‘Profuse, Comfortless and Antique’ C20
Edition of 100. A key figure among the burgeoning Worcester, Massachusetts noise scene, Seamus R. Williams crafts crude electro-acoustic sound collage made of murky tape loops and low-end electronics. Profuse… emits a cavernous sound of static debris, magnetic atmospherics and barren frequencies that all shift in unison.

ANNE-F JACQUES – ‘dans l’herbe’ C24
Edition of 100. Montreal-based sound artist Anne-F Jacques utilizes the possibilities of degraded technology and incidental sound to create mechanical resonances out of tape assemblage, rotation devices, and DIY amplification systems. With an emphasis on technology versus nature, dans l’herbe centers on the mechanical rumble, field recordings and discarded sounds of the current industrial age.

Edition of 100. Ulrich Krieger is a German-born saxophonist and composer notable for his involvement in the groups Text of Light and Metal Machine Trio. His work involves what he calls ‘acoustic electronics’ or amplified acoustic instruments processed through effects and feedback loops. Cycles ranges from saxophone-controlled feedback walls of free-noise to the meditative sounds of sine waves.


Pawlacz Perski

ppt29 Umba – ‘Event Horizon’
ppt29_1“Event Horizon” is the first cassette release by Artur Marcinkowski who mainly deals with vigorous varieties of techno music. The mini-album is a cross-section through his oeuvre, includes both erupting with dance floor pep tracks and dreamy, contemplative recording. Umba – Arthur Marcinkowski, a young and extremely talented producer of techno music. His music is characterized by a dynamic groove, analogish dirt and looped hypnotic motives. At the beginning of 2014 Umba published his first full-length album on B.YRSLF Division. He is also Non Liquet netlabel owner, which aim is to release Polish techno music.


Totally Wired Records

I/II – ‘Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night’ LP
wwIvan Antunović, mastermind of I/II and in a manner of speaking autonomous “One-Man-Scene” from Zagreb, is a prodigy of the significant and yet minimalistic pop gesture. Synthetics, sampling and a flamboyant vocal range, chaperoned by a gift for animate allegory and a brisk delight in pop (and it’s inherent quotations) are the fundamental modules forming I/II ‘s substantial character. During July’14 Ivan Antunović already operated as artist in residence at Vienna’s quartier21/MuseumsQuartier (Summer of Sound), now, as I/II, he’s releasing a vinyl mini album via Vienna based music label Totally Wired Records (out: Nov, 28th).


I Had an Accident

DREDi – ‘The Stimulus Package’ C60 $7
dredismall “The Stimulus Package” is a 26 track instrumental album of experimental hip hop beats from producer DREDi. The beat broker culminates a three part series “The Stimulus Package” in an storyboard collection. The intention was to create more then “just a beat tape”. The Stimulus Package is an abstract movie for your headphones. The use of samples and themes has been used to conjure a context and a sense of a story unfolding, without being too specific and direct with those themes the listener is encouraged to fill in the blanks. Throughout the tape this is hinted at, our perception of reality, our individual interpretations of spirituality and also entertainment are examined. But all in an entertaining and sometimes comedic way.

Thorsten Soltau – ‘Balance & Akzentuierung’ C22 $6
thorstensmallThorsten Soltau is an experimental sound collage artist from Germany. The electronics, vinyl disruptions, shimmering tones, and flickering noise take on a new ambiance during the live recording of Balance & Akzentuierung. The dark sounds deeply flow and meander from moment to stimulating moment. Soltau allows the album to gently build, captivating and creating a feature of anticipation doomed to be destined. Balance & Akzentuierung is beautiful in all its contemporary chaos. The artwork, created by Zin, compliments to dark imagery with bright contrast and clean sounds. Holding this release in your hands torments the soul and rectifies the inner childhood innocence. Limited to 40 pink cassettes.