Hangover Central Station

La Mamba Moustache – ‘Live during the foundation’ CS
LA MAMBA MOUSTACHE are one of the most ultra bands ever. Ultra-shortlived, the literally bombed their ultra-fast bangers onto tape. In their lifespan of a few hours which is less than the existence of a mayfly, the three ultra-loonies redefined the terms HACKHACK, BOOM TCHACK, SCREECH and YELL. Not your average power violence blueprint! Featuring members of Turbostaat, Mülltüte, Datashock, Phantom Horse et al. Limited to 25 home dubbed copies. Essential stuff for the faint at heart!

Keijo – ‘What Keijo played last summer’ 7”
Hailing from Jyväskyla in the midst of Finland, Keijo Virtanen plays some of the bleakest thus most beautiful rural blues one can imagine. Stripped-down tunes from a sweated guitar and Mr. Virtanen’s fragile voice – that staggers with instinctive sureness through lyrics unintelligible for most human beings – make this 7“ a one-of-a-kind record. Sadness and desolation may have never been so close to grey elegance. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies with riso printed cover. Artwork by Jelle Crama.


Irrational Tentent

The Folklore of Shapeshifting – ‘Sin Titulo’ C25
A Textural lo—fi stream of consciousness collage consisting of tape, guitar and field recordings from Buenos Aires.

Berlin Edits C20
A mixture of field recordings and performances by the residents of Hermannstrasse.

Dominic Coppola/The Glass Path C36
The split was meant for an April 2020 tour that never happened. Two different ideas of what tape based music can be.



DJ FUSILLER – ‘Sacrilege Vénération Vol. 2-b’
Second part of the second volume of the dj project. Superimposed habits, customs, synthesizers and screams. Enjoy.

DMZ – ‘Justice Spatiale’
After several years of silence, their big comeback. An almost opaque white cassette hiding a subtle alternating of chaos and melodies. To be listened too loud on an empty highway.

Collaboration between Hotu (aka Collique) and Patrick Lombe (aka 1/2 Placenta Popeye). Synthesizers, tapes, piano, and anything else they could get their hands on. Low-fidelity excursions into parallel worlds.

New volume 100% recorded live at the Black Baron, Nancy, France. Side A: Moineau Ecarlate – barbaric cassettes, loops, cut-up and electronics. Side B: Pavel Viry – wild guitar solo and satanic double delay. What a guitar heros should sound like. Usual sewing machine artwork.


Cruel Nature

Ballpeen – ‘Pachinko’
Limited edition 65 copies. Featuring members of great North East bands such as Tide Of Iron, Grace, Jinn, OZO and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind, BALLPEEN burst onto the Newcastle (UK) scene in 2017. Their debut show at Little Buildings was a low-key affair, but their opening performance at the inaugural Brave Exhibitions Festival in the same year was a stand-out of the weekend and led them to becoming the festival’s perennial favourite. With roots in post-hardcore and the dynamism of greats such as Melvins and Unwound, BALLPEEN have looked to capture the energy of their live performances through releases on premier DIY punk label, Serial Bowl Records. 2018’s ‘Loose Knot’ with it’s wry nod to Black Flag in title and excellent artwork, rapped five across the listener’s brow from the get-go, with its attention-grabbing power and undulating groove, coursing through the 6 tracks, leaving you thirsty – but not miserable – for more. And now you can have more. ‘Pachinko’ (again with mind-blowing artwork from James Watts) is an 8 tracker that blisters along like a wide-eyed frenetic who’s had all the speedballs. With quality production that brilliantly captures the urgency of their live performances, ‘Pachinko’ will delight old and new fans alike. Hardcore will never die. FFO Unwound; Black Flag; Melvins; Shellac.


Cruel Nature

Score – ‘Modern Wreck’
Limited edition 40 copies. Score is the solo project of Chris Tate, known for his work with d_rradio; producers of a number of notable atmospheric electronica cuts from the early 2000s. ‘Modern Wreck’ follows 2018’s ‘Vent’ and is a delight for old and new fans alike. 9 tracks of rich layered dreamy psychedelic ambience and massive sounds that verge from glitchy noise to lush orchestration via spatial melodies and drones.



Wind❏ws – ‘Spiral Tundra’
Wind❏ws explores an inner sound world riding the line between music for meditation and a minimalism. Informed by just intonation, the group’s sensibility towards magic, spiritual, and the sublime is often accompanied in live performances by Camilla’s sound reactive light installations. Wind❏ws finds a sound both ancient and cosmic through their use of saxophones, crystal singing bowls, flute, chimes, and synthesizers. Camilla Padgitt-Coles _ crystal singing bowls, synthesizers; David Lackner _ woodwinds, bells, synthesizer. artwork by Mark Price, twxx.us


Easy Listening

Mental Anguish – ‘This Isn’t Kansas Dorothy’ C60 $7
Six new pieces by 80’s cassette culture heavy and Harsh Reality Music mastermind Chris Phinney’s nearly 40 year running Mental Anguish project. Double sided one color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Minoy – ‘Red Tape In The Sunset’ C60 $7
More unreleased footage from the late master of controlled noise brought forth by the efforts of PBK. Two unheard pieces from 1991-1992, the tail end of his tenure. RIP. Double sided one color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Witches Of Malibu – ‘ILLS’ C60 $7
Live in studio performances from the Witches. Originally released as a limited tape-trade club only release, now presented with new art. Double sided color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Quartered – ‘Quarter/ed’ C30 $7
Debut recording from the Sick Llama / Lidless Eye duo. Live with two mics to stereo tape at Fag Tapes HQ, July 2019 in preperation to open for Dilloway/Wiese. Double sided xerox art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Jeff Central – ‘Decompositions 1983’ C47 $7
Compilation of early experiments from Ohio’s Jeff Central (Exoteque Musique, ITN, Central Inhabitants, 10 Speed Guillotine) recorded in his hometown of Port Huron, MI. Best of three long-deleted tapes from the ITN catalog. Double sided one color art. Numbered/stamped edition of 30.

Undercurrent – ‘Live 2019’ VHS $7
After a 30 year hiatus, 80’s home taper mystery Undercurrent makes their live return. The best of their first show since 1990 (second show ever) captured and fed through the Midwest Color Labs video processor. Crude homemade industrial clatter. Xerox art, stamped and numbered edition of 20. SP mode, approx. 15 minutes. NTSC only. Coming soon: Undercurrent 5xCD discography boxset.

Hunting Lodge – ‘Shack’ LP $26
Recorded between 1985-1988, “Shack” finds Hunting Lodge in gritty 4-track mode, venturing into territories like booming metal percussion and tape collage, as well as songs later re-recorded in studio. Originally released on the double cassette compilation “Insomnia Vol. 2” by We Never Sleep, remastered here for vinyl by Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive, Third Man Records) including two bonus tracks, all previously unreleased on vinyl. Covers designed and printed by Bruce Licher/Independent Project Press to reflect the spirit of the original WNS release. One time pressing of 300 hand-numbered copies. All copies include a pro-duplicated CD including the full LP and several previously unheard bonus tracks. No digital download.

Church Shuttle – ‘Home Audio Diagnostic’ VHS $7
Chris Durham (All Gone Tapes) Live at The Precinct, Detroit processed through the Midwest Color Labs video processor. Color, 15 min. SP Mode. Numbered edition of 30.

All six May 2020 tapes – $35 (+ shipping)


Lullabies for Insomniacs

Baldruin – ‘Die halluzinierte Welt’
Dawn of a new day, nature is immersed in a magical light. The aura is raptured by this illumination and the atmosphere is ecstatic. A transition occurs from an intense emotional state to a hallucinated reality, revealed by expanded perceptions. Emerging from surreal visions, fears, hopes and desires materialize. Authentic experiences morph, before transforming back into fleeting memories that return with time again. 26 Sonic sketches expressing impressionistic and internal imagery.


Spleen Coffin

The Telematic Concert brought together American electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros with Argentinian experimental musician Alan Courtis (Reynols), improvising across continents for the Deep Listening Institute’s Dream Festival in October, 2009 — Oliveros in person in Kingston, NY, Courtis piped in digitally from Buenos Aires. The resulting exchange of Oliveros’ accordion drones and expanded instrument system with Courtis’ unstringed guitar feedback, objects, and processing sounds as fresh as ever, both hyper-focused and frenzied. Oliveros’ forward-thinking work with “telematic music”–remote collaborative performance using telecommunications technology–is yet another facet of her relevance as an important forebearer of the current cultural moment. Recordings of the concert remained unreleased for a decade, until now. This special LP is the first release in Spleencoffin’s new Vault Series, bringing to light unreleased recordings from artists’ archives.


Laakson nauhat

Zherbin – ‘Telephone Music’ C54
Three lenghty textured tracks created by recording the sounds of a hacked telephone onto tape loops. Limited to 25 copies.