Fragment Factory

Jürgen Eckloff – ‘Diese, Nichts & Solche’ C46
Jürgen Eckloff (*1978 in East Berlin) is a sound artist and filmmaker whose audio works often deal with the deconstruction of language and the mechanisms of communication. Since the early 2000s, he has released numerous short films, works for radio, as well as records, often on the 90% Wasser label, which he has run with Robert Schalinski since 2001. Together with the latter and René Lamp, Eckloff was a core member of the influential artist collective Column One until their disbanding in 2016. “Diese, Nichts & Solche” is Eckloff’s first work for Fragment Factory. Three new compositions for cassette at the intersection of concrete music, language and field recordings, subtly accentuating the sheer absurdity of our times. Eckloff lives and works in the Havelland region, north of Berlin. Edition of 100 copies, comes with A5-size postcard.


Cruel Nature

The Real Codington Factory – ‘Nickel World’
The Real Codington Factory was founded in 2019 by songwriter Shea Glasheen (from NYC grunge-punks, Cronies). Starting as an alternative grunge / indie band, and later evolving into more progressive noise-punk territory, RCF references current bands in the local NYC scene such as On Pink, Lip Critic, Cohort B, along with the likes of Lightning Bolt, Melvins, TAD etc. Nickel World is RCF’s 14th release, recorded in early January 2022 in rural Pennsylvania. Featuring dictatorial vocals recorded via an intercom, a broken down drum setup and short sharp shots of frenzied guitar riffage.

Tenchpress – ‘Tombmagic’
Brandishing a single LA Galaxy-branded drum stick and yet more unearned bravado, TENCHPRESS presents a vital new sonic totality: TOMBMAGIC. Cleaner, more neutered, more desiccated than anything that came before, the ternate album from Avon-via-Leeds’s worst finds a sonic inventory in the airless plunk of an open snare drum, the sandblasted purity of foley percussion, the test tube sterility of free soft synths, and the empty digi-gurgle of treated vocals.

Daniel McClennan – ‘Unfurling Redemption’
Known for his energetic furling beats with noise-rock experimentalists Warren Schoenbright and Why Patterns, this solo release sees Daniel McClennan draw on classical and avant-garde influences such as Giacinto Scelsi; Svarte Greiner; Valentin Silvestrov; William Basinski; along with sound-artists such as Jacob Kirkegaard and The Caretaker. Unfurling Redemption is a collection of eight assemblages comprised of synthesised instruments and freely available/stock sound samples. These assemblages explore the widely observed and seemingly inherent desire for overcoming in humankind, a dangerous proclivity for dreaming the transcendent.


Fort Evil Fruit

Graham Dunning – ‘Silo’
Graham Dunning is perhaps best known for modifying and manipulating hardware, both in his plate-spinning solo “mechanical techno” sets and with the mad inventions of Mammoth Beat Organ, his duo with Sam Underwood. In recent years the London-based artist has also been exploring live coding, achieving analogous results through software. Silo uses the text-based sample sequencer TidalCycles on a diverse selection of tracks broadly recalling underground dance music of the late 80s and early 90s. The combination of classic house and techno tropes with off-kilter and randomised elements infects familiar territory with an air of uncanniness, like a past vision of a possible future.


Home & Garden

MATTHEW HIMES – “Hold Tight” b/w “My Ride” 7″ lathe
As we receive this new offering from Matthew Himes we enter hazy fields of wildflower, a waking dream not entirely unfamiliar. Following the path of last year’s solo full length “Hemlock & Bergamot”, Himes delivers two new fresh cut blossoms of drifting songcraft. The lead single “Hold Tight” is a comforting promise of better times to come, one day at a time, while the flip side “My Ride” is a sort of pre-post mortem, speaking to lost friends and ashes unspread. The music is transmitted from times before and yet to be, from long boat trips on slow moving bodies of water, and care-free days now seemingly gone forever. Released as a limited edition lathe-cut 7″ and digital maxi-single. Square record cut in MONO to clear polycarbonate with printed labels featuring hand-stamped pink ink detail. Each copy is housed in a clear poly inner sleeve, and packaged in a white reverse board outer jacket with full color photo artwork. Made in a limited hand-numbered edition of 16 copies.


Cruel Nature

Collapsed Memory – ‘No Logical Sequencies’
Inspired by Tangerine Dream and Software but filtered through the Rhythm & Sound disintegration vortex and abstracted atmospheres of Mount Shrine. Part ambient industrial, part occult sound design. Comes with an accompanying 24-page zine (No Portrait #2) as a visual counterpoint. All elements compiled during a two-year period starting early 2020.

Empty House – ‘Blue Bamboo’
Blue Bamboo consists of four improvised pieces for meditation or total chill out. Recorded over a few days in February and built upon drones created by the organ through a dream pedal or Tanpura box. The tracks were then splashed with colour and hues with treated piano, shakuhachi flute, bells, synth, field recordings and other instruments. Inspired Fred Laird’s faith in Buddhism as well as the music of Eno, David Sylvian, Midori Takada and Popol Vuh. Digitally released by Earthling Society, April 2022, the cassette edition includes the previously unreleased 16-minute composition, ‘Extinction Mantra’

Winded – ‘Deap Phat’
Growing up skateboarding and playing music in the Los Angeles DIY scene became the foundation of how Alance Ward’s music would always sound. Moving to Chicago to record and tour with various bands is how he learned to refine that sound. Being immersed in Chicago’s creative atmosphere Alance found himself playing drums on tours for artists like Jim Fairchild, formally of Modest Mouse, and the duo Azure Ray. All the while unconsciously filing away ideas that would become his solo music project, Winded. After experiencing a recent esoteric awakening, Alance relied on a cocktail of intuition and instinct rather than beers and booze to make his latest Winded recording. Adopting an automatic writing practice gave way to the hybrid style heard on Deap Phat. Like some kind of post punk parallax, the songs seem to morph in woozy ways with each listen. A whirlwind of hybrid post-punk / post-funk, ‘Deap Phat’ chops and skews through riffs, beats and day-glo electrofried psychedelia

Basalt Shrine – ‘From Fiery Tongues’
Basalt Shrine are the Filipino doom/post-metal super quartet of Bobby Legaspi (Surrogate Prey, Malicious Birth), Rallye Ibanez (Ex-Religious Nightmare, Surrogate Prey) and Ronaldo and Ronnel Vivo (Dagtum, The Insektlife Cycle, Abanglupa, Imperial Airwaves, Ex-Hateure). ‘From Fiery Tongues’ is their debut album. It’s heavy. Really heavy.



LAMIEE/Dròlo Ensemble – ‘The Deafening Moment of the Whistle After the Noise’
A combination of ancient and contemporary, bringing the music outside of time, and simultaneously popular and experimental, in hybrids of chamber music and jazz. The most important aspect is that you have never heard anything like this before….

Juhani Silvola – ‘Wolf Hour Roundelay’
We can hear traces of John Cage’s prepared piano, the rhythms of Igor Stravinsky, Gamelan music, West African rhythms, abstract free improv, doomy minimalism and extended techniques in the vein of Sciarrino and Lachenmann. The resulting pieces are simultaneously familiar and strange, created for a mind-blowing listening…

FLAK – ‘Magpie Live’
The legendary guitarist known as Flak invited musicians of the fields of avant-jazz, free Improvised music and beat music coming out from funk, namely Rodrigo Amado, José Lencastre, Luís Lopes, Guilherme Rodrigues, Francisco Rebelo and Rui Alves. Uniting the worlds of rock, jazz and electronic music in inventive and intriguing ways…


Dinzu Artefacts

Charles Barabé – ‘La vie des objets’
Kaleidoscopic textures of crackling noise and subterranean drones woven from a ubiquitous ‘silence.’ Vinyl records sampled and processed through a modular system further isolating and magnifying the sound.

Andreas Brandal – ‘1995’
Unearthed tape loops from the artist’s childhood home consisting of recordings on destroyed and damaged cassettes as well as shellac records played on a gramophone. Newly mixed and edited.

Slow Bell Trio – ‘When The Circle Was Closed’
Midwest trio that taps into the slower, more meditative side of improvisational music allowing for some deep listening.


Cruel Nature

Kitchen Cynics – ‘Strange Acrobats’
Kitchen Cynics is the musical project of Alan Davidson from Aberdeen, Scotland. Active since the late 80s, with over a hundred releases, Alan is a prolific and talented songwriter whose work draws on his own experiences as well as the characters and history of Aberdeen. Full of charm, his albums are tender, bittersweet, packed with a dry wit and an ear for a melody that can pluck your heartstrings, whilst the words resonate deep within.

St James Infirmary – ‘Archipelago’
St. James Infirmary, of Ashington, Northumberland (UK), was formed in 1985 as the vehicle for singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist G.W.Lang and has been continuously active ever since. G.W.L. is assisted in producing his prolific output by an evolving and rotating cast of bandmates and (at last count), SJI has boasted in the region of 40 members. For ‘Archipelago’, SJI present a set of mesmerising hypnotically beautiful meditative pieces, rich in electronic ambience and reverential presence.

Plattenbau – ‘(=2021)’
Aleksandr Chiesa first came to attention as part of the Moscow-based post-punk synth duo, Гласность (Glasnost), releasing two albums with CN: Пиета (Pietà,. 2019) and Дом Культуры (House Of Culture, 2020). Now resident in Berlin, Платтенбау (Plattenbau) is a solo project showcasing his love for acid techno and new beat; presenting an album of sounds that could’ve been commanding the dancefloor of an Antwerp club, in 1988.

Dybbuk – ‘Dybbuk’
With Jake Bielby (Plague Rider; Live Burial) on guitars / programming and the ubiquitous James Watts (Plague Rider; Lovely Wife; Friend; Lump Hammer; Möbius) on vocals, this debut from Tyneside experimental death metal progressives, DYBBUK layers the riffs thick and fast in a sensory overload, across two 30 minute compositions, smashing boundaries and ripping open the heart of metal.

United Bible Studies – ‘The Return Of The Rivers’
David Colohan formed free-flowing folk-drone-jazz-noise outfit United Bible Studies in 2000 while studying at the University of Dublin. Since then the group have worked with a shifting cast of collaborators that Colohan estimates at more than two hundred. Amassing a considerable discography, this album sees Colohan team up with Dom Cooper (Owl Service), Matt Leivers (Awkward Formats) and Gayle Brogan on two 20-minute compelling and hauntingly beautiful minimalist pastoral compositions.

Pound Land – ‘Pound Land Plus’
Pound Land was formed in 2020 by vocalist/lyricist Adam Stone (Future Bomb/Holy Ghost People/frequent collaborator with Dead Sea Apes) and multi-instrumentalist Nick Harris (Reverends of Destruction/ ex-Dead Sea Apes). ‘Pound Land Plus’ repackages the debut album (‘Pound Land’ by Adam Stone) released by Misophonia Records in 2020 with an additional unreleased track from the same session (‘Bunker’); along with ‘Mutated’ , which is an album of remixed tracks from ‘Pound Land’ and ‘Can’t Be Arsed’ . ‘kitchen-sink’ punk for the 21st century’



back in solo after a neverending wait. forbidden manipulations, secret guitars & vocal shamanism. years of mental fabrication finally in yr hands.

baroque electricity & laser gregorian chants. sound surveillance & futuristic raised fists. the dream soundtrack of a dystopian fiction. rirette is mifan + sy.


Cruel Nature

Dvanov – ‘Functional Music’
Starting out in 2013 as Voda-i-Ryba, before changing their name and moving to Saint Petersburg (Russia), DVANOV have released numerous EPs and albums over the past 8 years, channeling their engaging electro post-punk segued by waves of Krautrock, synthpop and garage psych. “This is a deluxe edition of our last LP ‘Functional Music’, which also includes songs from the ‘Hyper-Suburb EP.’ . This is the last release of the band with vocalist Vlad Kilin and the beginning of a new stage in the Dvanov’s life. In these songs, the cultural memory of revolutions and childhood memories of anxious summer nights collide with the ghosts of modern capitalism. There are the evening and the ringing of endless fields behind the walls of supermarket, cicadas crackle and there’s nowhere to go. We are releasing this at a tragic time when our country has waged an imperialist war. No war! ” (DVANOV) ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO PEOPLE IN NEED UKRAINE CRISIS SUPPORT.

Upward/Charlie Butler split
Charlie Butler and Upward celebrate their mutual affection for fuzzed-out drones and the defiance of passing time. The Upward side is based on the opening minutes of “Fratres” by Arvo Pärt, holding each chord until the drones feel like they’re writhing away from each other, turning the fluttering unease of the original into a persistent, viscid disquiet. Butler’s piece hits a resolutory guitar chord at five minutes and then resists its own fadeout for the remaining 10, with tonal residues perished in the gathering fires of amplifier noise.

Aidan Baker – ‘Tenebrist’
Aidan Baker is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist from Toronto (now resident in Berlin) with the electric guitar his primary instrument. Using prepared and alternate methods of playing the guitar, along with various electronic effects, Baker creates music which generally falls within the ambient/experimental genre but draws on influences from rock, electronic, classical, and jazz. A highly prolific artist, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with various group projects, including Nadja, ARC, Caudal and Mnemosyne. ‘Tenebrist’ is Baker’s second release for CN, following 2021’s ‘Stimmt’. Where that was big on atmospherics and abstraction, ‘Tenebrist’ shoots a bullet straight into the heart of the riff and explodes it, in all its scorching white-out fuzzed-up glory. Low-down and heavy, it serves up swathes of grunge, pummeling the senses and scattering rhythms through its maximalist energy.

Holy Island – ‘Midnight Empire’
The debut outing for Manchester-based Graham Blyth’s (Easter / Sun Skeletons) solo indie-alt-pop project. With nods to C86, Creation and Sarah Records, along with a bit of classic Felt, this album encapsulates the halcyon days of shimmering guitar melodies fused with garage rock and psychedelia