Amalgamated – ‘Trudge/Slap’ [Review]

amalgamated tapesAnother timely summer release, ideal for BBQs and listening from another room, Amalgamated presents two skanky, (nearly) side-long tunes which comprise the ‘Trudge/Slap’ C44.  From the long, brooding intro of dark drones and darker grandeur, “Vezar Proof” emerges with a Battles-like tenacity, locking on a dub rhythm long before a beat emerges or the layers cease to fall in mounting tension.  The combination brings to mind the Unwound side-project Replikants, and later, Tussle, Out Hud, and Measles Mumps Rubella – a welcomed return of form, but hardly an homage or afterthought: ‘Trudge/Slap’ is made with material recorded in 2004, meaning the latter group were contemporaries.  Why the piece was shelved is moot point, as the groove still has legs.  In similar form, and with even greater resemblance to this cohort, “Slap” fills the B-side with a wall-to-wall neodisco, hitting a neurotic stride with a bulbous funk and wonky counterpoints of sonic icons.  Cassettes come labelled with pro-cut, collaged J-cards in the style of Phil French.  In a run of 50.

((Cave)) Recordings cassette

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