Macho Blush – ‘Under Weight’ [Review]

3342633896-1Gina presents what appears to be her first Macho Blush long-player, ‘Under Weight,’ – in the parlance of Top Chef – “two ways,” to cassette and CDr. Cooking and television references apt, the album’s eight tracks clock 26 minutes of moderately-paced electronic poetry recalling early tape compositions of the historical avant-garde, semi-updated with the decade-hopping feminist tropes of the experimental 1970s, 90s, and 10s. With titles like “Action Cooking,” “Sugar Coach,” and “Chicken of Scorpion” making the shaved Barbie head into so much eye of newt, Gina’s experiments with layering tracks to choice piano flourishes and demented percussion turn snide mantras like “sweat-shop/slave-ship” into ingrowths of politics and nihilism of form. It’s not total cut-up, as the substance is of a consistency and human speed unlike that of Fletcher Pratt or ID M Theftable or Scissor Shock. Recalling, for example, the Waxy Tomb CS from last summer, “Romania” features Rylan-ic layers of vocals, warped to various levels of dissemblance and concern, which fill the sonic space like the rawness of a live room; a tribal mash of percussion undergirds the smear as so many hapless voices crisscross, banging noggins like an art bruitism for the GIF generation. Cassette comes labeled in heavy, gold-flecked j-cards.

self-released cassette/CDr

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