Kylie Minoise – ‘Die Yuppie Scum! Love Quest Ov Sick Shock Disco Destroyer!’ [Review]

Mind Flare continue their run of harsh digital bop-gundowns with ‘Die Yuppie Scum’ from Lea Cummings’ Kylie Minoise.  A pop-collision surpassing the misnomered Masonna himself, Kylie Minoise brings the filthy transduction of digital processes to the doxa of dance beats, matured at this point to really a foregone conclusion coming not just from so many discs reviewed by so many folks committed to keeping harsh noise always at hand, but a cultural soundscape wholly rezoned for the likes of Skrillex or if that’s too real for you, Shabazz Palaces.  Yet the bright, belligerent intellectualisms of Paper Rad imagery (art by Cummings) and black-eyed Psychic TV “X”-cesses pale, and do not contend, with the truly-turned pathos of these rhythms: intensely authentic and engaging at that most “primitive” of levels, these eternal musics do not quote, do not cite, do not consort, but stay their respective courses, refracting the keynote introduction of 80 seconds of ear-splitting noise into twelve tracks of significant drum and bass.  “Sick Serpent Secrets” [transcribed lisp and exclamations omitted] like an early Coil or late NIN outtake; “Earlobes of Shame Buckets of Bile” a sci-funk akin to Justin Trosper’s Replicants project or a really distorted Add N to X; “Metal Mafia v. Feedback Ninja” suggests a technician’s inside joke, but more so, performs the transcendence of every soundtrack pablum of the technophilic 1996s, from Virtuosity to The Saint.  “And the Dead Bugs[…]” and “Paradise on Telepathy Island” [I realize I’ve been had even repeating these things] do Kid606 and Squarepusher, respectively, reframing the disc as a jewelbox of sonic readymades, grafted/lifted and just slightly dusted with the gold-dust of mythic distortion.  It’s a bit anti-climactic to realize we’ve made it to that foretold land of rhythm and noise, but I’m not too big to admit (assuming I haven’t merely dropped my guard from wear), it’s good!  In a jewel-case, Mind Flare really committing to this CD thing.

Mind Flare Media CD

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