BT.HN & Sistrenatus – ‘Exposing the Ribcage’ [Review]

‘Exposing the Ribcage’ is a pile-up live Noise collaboration involving BT.HN (Sam McKinlay of The Rita and Josh Rose of Sick Buildings) and Sistrenatus (H MacFarlane).  This six-handed way to kill an hour leaves little slack in this massive track, and the tripling of efforts means any idiosyncratic misstep is redressed by the oversight of the averages.  This is not to say all we get is 65 minutes of maximized dissonance.  Well-preserved are the lunar canyons and swirling cloudstorms so vital to such classical noise swell.  Further elaborated are the cybernetic feeds and mechanistic rhythms which mark this mode of dystopic sci-fi, consumed as it is in a hairy organic overgrowth ala STALKER and the loathing between flesh and machinery (The Rita an obvious point of comparison, but also Luasa Raelon and Redrot come to mind).  Incorporating two modes of excess – the first a nearly-orbital churn of filth, the second an interplay of bleating electrons and high-frequency static, spaced in long intervals – the hour maintains without too much promiscuity, and though it would probably be a stronger release if the session was chopped and punched-up with terser editing, the entire hulking mass keeps the teeth engaged from front to back.  A pro-CDr of 250 numbered, embossed copies in a metallic-printed sleeve.

Existence Establishment CDr

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