Human Adult Band – ‘Small Mutant Fish Group’ C16
IMG_2655Adult Band doing the newest and weirdest free form garbage punk influenced by some of the gunkier goo from the kings of cough syrup with a touch of that New Zealand fuzz skree for bad measure. edition of 12. ($8 buys you the new tape plus Adult Band’s ‘Trash Pickin” 7″ (300 pressed) as a package deal.)


Bonding Tapes

[BOND002] Tim Cosner – ‘DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES’ C26 $6.06
DEADTECHMODERNHOMESSmallBonding Tapes is pleased to announce the debut release of Tim Cosner’s DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES album. Tim takes us on an avant garde trip of experimental abstract beats, sound design and melodies. He has been involved with other projects throughout the years such as Circuit Scarecrow, We Savage and Hello Keller. DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES is a continuation of his productions from the years prior. The album is available for free or pay what you want download, or on limited edition cassette.


Sonic Meditations

SM060 Shawn E. Hansen – ‘Feldspar Ford Maverick’ CS
SM060CSFELDSPAR FORD MAVERICK: A solo road trip with Jean Michel Basquiat and the Michel Angelo of the menagerie, Antoine-Louis Barye. Shawn E. Hansen is a local Kansas City-based musician who produces solo work and is a part of a number of experimental groups. Hansen melds electronic tones and live radio feedback combined with subtle organ pulses, creating endless haunted loops, which is perfect for an analog release. Instrumentation: Radio & Radio Feedback, Farfisa Compact Duo and EMS Synthi AKS. Limited edition of 80, includes download card.

SM061 Terrane – ‘Basalt Palisades’ CS
SM061CSPortland-based Dewey Mahood of Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry and Jackie-o Motherfucker teams up with Chuck Johnson, a composer and musician from Oakland, CA. This meeting of two talented musicians puts you in an entirely ageless realm, combining pulses from Krautrock, acid folk and playful psychedelic exploration Mahood known for. Each musician intertwines ideas, showcasing a steady progression that never outdoes the mood in which it creates on the first notes. Guest appearance by Marielle Jakobsons of Date Palms on “Radiolarite”. Limited edition of 100, includes download card.



nathanielsmallHigh school confusion gets muddled up in some serious brain stew. Drifting dust and debris in a dizzy off-key mid-west world. This is a pleasant offering of a young mans psychedelic song, that happens to border on something serious. to wit i mean : you will all be paying his pension. Unlimited edition with download code.

#167 – C. FRANK – ‘All The Time In The World’ CS
cfranksmallPittsburgher front-man from “post indie pop-punk-blunker-post-what-ever-have-you” band : Impossible Colors gives serious pop melancholia via acoustic wordy heart and heaves it far. Culled from years and years of demo recordings, this collection begs to be heard out. Unlimited edition with download code.

#166 – STAFFERS – ‘Good Message, Poor English’ CS
stafferssmallMid-western black and blues riffage churns and burns hard. Dreary doll drum of life expelled with enough gusto to knock the wool sock out of your mouth and then some. This collection of song dug up from the fresh concrete poured in your mommas garage. First edition of 75 in gocco printed covers with digital download.

#164 – JOE KILE – ‘2 songs’ 7″ lathe
lathesmallNew Orleans song-smith and purveyor of all that is good, cuts the deck and comes out with the 2 of hearts, just pushin it over the dealers hand. Heartfelt and clammy. All in one. Comes with 16 page booklete of art / collage hurked from notebook scrabble. Edition of 40.

discosmallSequential artist madman Ron Rege Jr dishes up a short spastic release of crazed skid-dish tap dance hypno-whatsit for a future fog settlement. Everyone joins in. Full color cover, unlimited edition, includes download code.



‘Tokyo Knots’ presents the complete recording of a duo performance of the piece by Ambarchi and Talia recorded at Tokyo’s legendary SuperDeluxe in March 2013. The performance builds gently on the foundation of Talia’s insistent ride cymbal and the shifting tonal bed of Ambarchi’s rich overtone-drenched guitar, eventually going into a free rock free fall of buzzsaw harmonics and crashing drums. From within the maelstrom, Talia picks up a pulsing motorik rhythm that leads the piece back to where it began, with the addition of the shuddering, elastic tones of a hand-played spring reverb unit. ‘Krakow Knots’, recorded live at Unsound Festival in Krakow in 2013, works with the same basic structure but stretches it out to nearly twice the length and adds strings played by the Sinfonietta Cracovia, led by Eyvind Kang on viola. The strings expand the piece’s textural range with lush chordal blocks, uneasy dissonances and occasional Ligeti-esque swarms of micro-activity, the swelling string tones intensifying the ecstatic nature of the piece as it moves towards its mid-point crescendo in which Ambarchi unleashes a particularly malicious continuum of stuttering harmonic fuzz. The strings then enter with a series of swelling chords, announcing the piece’s final movement, and reaffirming the uniqueness of the tonal and compositional language that Ambarchi has patiently developed over the last two decades, in which the influence of post-minimal composers such as Alvin Curran, Gavin Bryars and David Behrman can be felt alongside the inspiration of raw free jazz, harsh noise and academic psychoacoustics. The final moments of the performance pit Talia and Crys Cole’s amplified objects and spring reverb textures against a field of gently gliding string glissandi before the audience erupts in much-deserved applause. – Francis Plagne. The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, pressed on 140g 2xLP and CD. It features photography by Traianos Pakioufakis and artwork by Bill Kouligas..



33GOD 29 SUSANNA GARTMAYER – ‘AOUIE – Bass clarinet solos’ 10″
Susanna Gartmayer is another important figure in Viennese impro- and experimental scene and GOD Records is very proud to announce her first solo release. AOUIE is a set of solo pieces for Bass clarinet, created a series of exploration of polyphonic sound universe. Within interaction of spatial and instrument sound, she uses variety of sounds to produce consistent work dealing with multiple dimensionality and simultaneity of acoustic events. Beauty and gentleness. This release is cooperation with Chmafu Nocords (CD and digital).


Deathbomb Arc

DBA141 Deathbomb Arc T-shirt
Limited to 30. Deathbomb logo in copper on soft navy blue tees.

DBA140 ‘No Children‘ compilation
In celebration of Deathbomb Arc’s 17 year anniversary, a collection of previously unreleased tracks from classic DBA acts, new DBA acts, and our friends from the expanded DBA universe. Including clipping., BLKHRTS, True Neutral Crew, The Soft Pink Truth, Kurt Harland Larson of Information Society, I.E., and many more.

DBA138 Abdu Ali – ‘best of’ CS
Storming out of Baltimore, Abdu Ali raps, sings, chants, and breathes linguistically over future beats to cast spells of inspiration. Openly black, and queer by birthright, what makes Abdu Ali truly unique is his passion. Bold, raw, and most importantly, life-affirming; what Abdu Ali manifests is a pure voice of raging love. When important things are going on like a call for justice, who is really concerned with arguing the minutiae of genre?

DBA137 Signor Benedick The Moor – ‘Opus 3: Man Atop The Tower’ DL
‘Opus 3 – Man Atop The Tower’, released via the Juicy label, is Signor Benedick The Moor’s first vinyl release. The tracks are still ambitious in scope, but refinement has been pursued over expansion. The album’s own narrative is as grand as ‘El Negro’, just in a third the length to tell it. Beginning with the story of both a man’s youth and old age, the rest is filled in not by who the man was, but by the stories of those that were near to him. Two of the tracks are built around pieces he wrote and performed for his Berklee College of Music audition – updated by the artistic growth he’s gained these past couple years. In a time when collapsed economics have many debating how to change the broken paradigm, Signor Benedick The Moor simply is writing his own story. A story of musical adventure, both lived and composed, that still gets to include a prestigious university but without all the student debt.

DBA133 True Neutral Crew – ‘#POPPUNK’ CS
The title of the 2nd release from True Neutral Crew, ‘#POPPUNK’, refers to the ghost possessing this collection of songs. Hiding beneath swathes of noise and big beat production are bright, joyous melodies and driving live drums. Quick and acrobatic rap verses are bookended with catchy pop hooks. At once both intricate and complex while still being simple and silly. While the krautrap aspirations from their debut mixtape remain, the spirit of hyperactive LA artpunk groups like Oingo Boingo and Sparks is likely behind the haunting. Is it all a riddle? Is it nonsense? Perhaps the best advice for deciding comes from the lyrics of the opening track, “It’s modern art. When you see it, see it for what it is.”
True Neutral Crew is Daveed Diggs (clipping.), Brian Kinsman (ex-Foot Village), Margot Padilla (I.E.), and Signor Benedick The Moor. ‘#POPPUNK’ welcomes a bunch of guests including Glasgow rapper diss1, industrial noise group Robedoor, Venezuelan balladeer Algodón Egipcio, beatpunk godfather Boo Hiss, pianist/composer Lauren Bousfield (ex-Nero’s Day At Disneyland), and noise-soul pioneer S.R. Cano (tik///tik).

DBA127 True Neutral Crew – ‘#MONSANTO’ CS
True Neutral Crew is a new project featuring Brian Kinsman of Foot Village, Margot Padilla of I.E., and Daveed Diggs of clipping. An exploration of krautrock inspirations from a hip-hop standpoint. Whatever the resulting genre may seem is as much a surprise to the group as the listener. Instead, the controlling element is entirely in approach. Every track is built from minimal live drums. Electronics are then added to construct the tracks. Then the entire group puts together a concept for the vocals. A simple technique to yield a unique playful sound.



T Penn – ‘Lazy Determination’ book $10
LAZY_20DETERMINATION_20COVER_20try_201_400wLimited to 50 copies. A Detailed Discography of Human Adult Band, Mohawk Barbie, Pots & Powercells, Buckets & Batteries, Thee Black One and all other T Penn Related Music. That’s 85 releases in 20 years. Get the details and the stories on each release in this new book. For fans of punk, noise, drone, avant garde, freak folk, psyche, lo-fi etc.



DAIS069 Scout Paré-Phillips – ‘Heed the Call’ LP
Scout Paré-Phillips’ recent recognition as a young and talented visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY – as displayed in her accomplished portfolios – shows only a small portal into the creative road that Scout has chosen to go down. Scout’s musical foray started with the Baltimore based post-punk/country act, The Sterling Sisters. Within the Sisters, her skills as one-half of the primary songwriting force, coupled with her varied instrumentation and balladeer vocal projections made way for Scout to step aside and embark on her own solo performances and creative endeavors. Scout’s operatically trained soprano voice combined with her seemingly effortless proficiency with instruments such as the autoharp and baritone guitar create her own unique hybrid of old time folk storytelling and modern illusionary contrast. Influenced by acoustic legends such as Sibylle Baier and Leonard Cohen, the vocal conviction of Roy Orbison, and still holding poetic court with players like Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave and Diamanda Galas, Scout Paré-Phillips’ songwriting lands in the middle of some very intriguing yet complex influences. Recently, Scout’s talents have been noticed by Jack White (The White Stripes / Third Man). She was asked to accompany him on Lazaretto and even star in White’s new video, Would You Fight For My Love?. Her recent autobiographical songs have been collected into her debut album entitled “Heed the Call” to be released on Dais Records on February 24, 2015. Crashing crescendos of guitar, percussively strummed autoharp and an array of both acoustic and electronic sculptures by Scout Paré-Phillips with accompaniment by Scout’s beloved musical collaborator, Emil Bognar-Nasdor (Dawn of Humans, Røsenkopf), populate her LP. Scout’s torch songs of pure, raw emotional outpouring compliment the rich timbre of her trained voice, which breathes a new life into the contemporary idea of a “folk singer”. Her narrative about two lovers being torn apart and brought back together over many years has formed a new genre within acoustic music’s storytelling tradition.

DAIS067 Deviation Social – ‘Practices/Demo. June-Oct. 81′ LP
During the summer of 1981, a young Art Injeyan attended the now infamous “final transmission” of Throbbing Gristle in San Francisco’s Kezar Pavillion. This concert experience forever changed the fabric of bay area experimental music and sent a sonic riptide through artists such as Injeyan to form their own experimental projects. After this seed had been planted, Injeyan started pulling together a crude, loose arrangement of musical equipment and creating pulsating industrial drones and noise rhythms under his newly coined masthead Deviation Social. Starting in June and wrapping up in October of 1981, Deviation Social had composed his first demo comprised of individual staged practices in his home. To release his demo and later audio / visual works , he founded his own label, Ppresense Records, to release all matters connected to Deviation Social. This demo was only distributed to a select few and limited to a hand-numbered edition of 25 cassettes in late 1981, now making it one of the more rare and sought after early industrial documents. Dais is proud to reissue this demo in a vinyl format in a limited edition of 250 copies. Hand stamped, numbered and assembled to give homage to the original release and to celebrate the release series between Dais Records and Deviation Social.

DAIS065 William S. Burroughs – ‘Nothing Here Now but the Recordings’ LP
In 1980, Genesis P-Orridge and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson (then of Throbbing Gristle renown) travelled to New York City to meet up at the fortified apartment, known as The Bunker, of famed beat writer and cultural pioneer William S. Burroughs and his executor James Grauerholz to starting the daunting task to compile the experimental sounds works of Burroughs, which, up until that point, had never been heard. During those visits, Burroughs would play back his tape recorder experiments featuring his spoken word “cut-ups”, collaged field recordings from his travels and his flirtations with EVP recording techniques, pioneered by Latvian intellectual Konstantins Raudive. Throughout the next year, P-Orridge, Christopherson and Grauerholz would spent countless hours compiling various edits, each collection showcasing Burroughs sensitive ear and keen experimental prowess for audio anomaly within technical limitations. By the time 1981 came through, Burroughs had relocated to Lawrence, KS in which to escape the violence and mania of New York City life. It is in Lawrence that P-Orridge and Christopherson put the finishing touches on the record that would be known as “Nothing Here Now but the Recordings”. The album would come out in the Spring of 1981 as the final release for the shuttering Industrial Records, brought about by the dissolution of Throbbing Gristle. The album remained out of print until 1998 when John Giorno and the Giorno Poetry Systems included the album on a multi-disc retrospective CD box set compiling the majority of Burroughs seminal recordings.


I Had an Accident

Uncommon Nasa – ‘Cold War Era’ C32 $7
coldwarsmallCold War Era is a collection of highly experimental instrumentals that combine 80’s era 8-Bit Synthesizers with Jazz and World Music. It’s a chaotic soundtrack for a chaotic war that began with the USSR’s invasion and ended with the USA’s abandonment of Afghanistan. Limited to 150 “jelly green” cassettes.