Irrational Tentent

ITT100x100R. G. M. S. – ‘Gate Music’ C47
Tape loop driven gate music at the hands of LFA and The Glass Path. Edition of 40

Comme à la Radio – ‘Je Suis Née’ C13
New Pearl Diver project. Densely layered vocals. Making you aware that she is aware. Making sure you’re having a good time. Edition of 40

Creode – ‘Beurks’ C32
Thrift gold to garbage noise duo. Essential Michigan. Edition of 40



Johann Mazé – ‘Les Transports’ CD €7
tpzMAZ_thumbone third of the france sauvage crew. concrete musique made of field recordings, synths, drum machines & heart. 3 super narrative works to be listened whenever you can. technology and pebbles reconciled. think luc ferrari & lionel marchetti. bingo.


NNA Tapes

NNA090: Nerftoss – ‘Crushed’ CS
NNA is proud to be the home for the latest full length album from Baltimore, Maryland electronic artist Nerftoss, aka John Jones (also of the group Dope Body). Fans of Nerftoss’s previous output can expect the same lush, nuanced sound environments that Jones so expertly crafts, but this time in a more dance-driven, club-friendly setting that pays homage to, while also creatively advancing, the essence of house music. On “Crushed”, Jones creates a colorful and driving set of house-inspired vignettes that flow together effortlessly, providing respites along the way in the form of warped ambient electronic segues that allow the listener to recalibrate before the ecstatic four-on-the-floor rhythms transport you back to the dancefloor. Nerftoss utilizes a healthy dose of dreamy yet off-kilter plunderphonic sampling techniques that align with fellow Baltimore-based electronic music contemporaries (and NNA alumni) such as Co La and PHORK, but integrated into the jazzy melodic chords and metronomic rhythms that are classically associated with house music. What makes these tracks especially unique, however, is the sampling of live acoustic percussion (drum kits, maracas, congas, bells, and so on) in conjunction with the traditional electronic drum machines of techno to comprise the dynamic beats. When these hybrid breakbeats are combined with the thick, deep melodic bass lines, the results are extremely powerful, intricate rhythms that create an auditory all-city block party, commanding the human body to move with the music. Cascading drum rolls, Latin rhythms, and funky shakers all dance in unison with the swirling, psychedelic textures and pounding bass kicks, creating a parade of global thump between your ears. The steamy ambient passages are used to alter the mood, but the lack of silence between tracks gives the album a continuous “megamix” tempo, as if you’re listening to the artist DJ-ing his own tracks live in the club. All of these elements together make “Crushed” not only a refreshing and progressive listen, but also a blissful bouquet of melody, texture, dynamics, layering, and fidelity that is the definitive signature of a talented producer’s chops.

NNA091: Fox/Soper Duo – ‘Magenta Line’ CS
“Magenta Line” is the debut recorded offering from the Fox/Soper Duo, consisting of New York City musicians Greg Fox on drums, and Ryan Soper on modular synthesizer. Soper, an inventive sculptor, video artist, and modular synthesist makes up one half of the NYC-based performance project Non-Native, and is also a member of the A/V trio Brat Pit. Fox is a prolific drummer known for his work in experimental metal outfit Liturgy, as well as bands such as Guardian Alien and Zs, not to mention countless collaborations ranging from Colin Stetson to Dan Deacon to Hieroglyphic Being. On “Magenta Line”, the duo takes on a form that is unexpected for an acoustic-meets-electronic style collaboration. Fox’s drums are slightly filtered and engineered to take on an alien, electronic quality that compliments Soper’s organic, expressive execution of his synth, to the point where the two styles meet in the middle to produce fierce and otherworldly results. For an instrument that manipulates purely electronic impulses, Soper manages to play it in an incredibly physical manner, buzzing, squealing, and roaring in all it’s distorted glory like an electric guitar. Fox’s ability to react and interact naturally with Soper’s synth is remarkable, and a rare feat that few drummers can effectively accomplish. The outcome of this fusion is a style that leans more towards industrial, punk, or metal than it does to jazz or modern improvisation. Unrelenting in it’s exploration, “Magenta Line” gives way to a new style altogether, yielding nearly 45 minutes of uninterrupted gritty and grinding cyborg thrash. Both artists demonstrate a very high level of skill and versatility with their chosen instrument. Fox and Soper each speak their own alien musical language to each other, meeting head-to-head in terms of the range of expression they can achieve with their expansive arsenal of mastered techniques. At times, Soper’s distorted sequences lock into place, providing the rhythmic backdrop for Fox to drum circles around, while at other times Fox lays down heavy, direct beats for Soper to explore the full range of free electronic shredding his synth is capable of. Musical form is firmly established, while extreme sonic and textural freedom is still allowed. “Magenta Line” is a marathon session where new ground is constantly being broken with powerful, crushing physicality. Although the instrumentation is unorthodox for an improvisational duo, the results are incredibly dynamic and exploratory when left in the hands of masterful musicians. Cassette comes packaged with digital download coupon. Material repeats on both sides.


Invisible City Records

Yes Blythe – ‘Arieto’
ICR22 ARTWORK smallYes Blythe is the longest running musical project of Callum Higgins, head of Manchester based tape label Sacred Tapes. Higgins also records and performs in a number of acts including River Slaughter, Swaggerjack and most recently a new solo project Maersk. He has amassed a wealth of releases in previous years on Tesla Tapes, Tombed Visions and Sacred Tapes and has played at venues like Cafe Oto and Islington Mill supporting Kevin Drumm. Arieto comprises two pieces constructed from the remains of his most recent album ‘Prepared Rhodes’ on Tombed Visions, an album made entirely with a Fender Rhodes, recorded and mixed over one weekend. While ‘Prepared Rhodes’ was a more raw sound made by layering and cutting various elements of recordings with no effects, the two tracks on Arieto bring in additional elements of field recordings and are moulded into something more ambient. Available as a hand dubbed black C30 cassette. Double sided black and white artwork on 200gsm silk stock. Limited to 50 copies.


Inner Islands

II047 – Inner Travels – ‘Clear Seeing’ C39
clear-seeingThere were specific natural, geographical visions which guided and inspired the music on Clear Seeing. This is not unusual, as Inner Travels often pursues sounds that evoke some imagery whenever attempting to create music. But for this album, the visions were among the clearest. Some of them were of real places he had visited: a field at dawn, geese flying off the ice shelf of a small lake at dusk. Some remain experienced only through the mind’s eye. Inner Travels is Steve Targo from Pell Lake, Wisconsin.

II046 – Kyle Landstra – ‘Jeweled Moon Codex’ c63
jeweled-moon-codexTwo environmental listening pieces: core-of-the-self meditations affected by a long winter, emotions waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon. These are dim journeys back to the light of wholeness. Slow builds lead to deep and satisfying swells. Each piece was recorded in a single live take with a few choice synthesizers and pedals. Kyle Landstra resides in Chicago, Illinois.

II045 – Matthew Barlow – ‘Hatha’ C30
hathaJust being, without striving. A place of stillness. These two pieces are an extension of Barlow’s Hatha yoga practice, the yoga of balance. He extrapolates from that work a sonic counterpart where we hear the sun and moon cycle laid against a simple palette of soft synths and Native American flute work. Matthew Barlow is from Asheville, North Carolina.


Invisible Cities

e38f67d5-1062-44fc-97f2-701fe6c07540ICR20: Black Thread – ‘Seeping Pitch’ C20 £4.5
Decaying synth loops. Analogue hiss and fragile melodies. Hand dubbed black C20 cassette. Limited to 50 copies.


Geology Records

STRATA11 – Black Eagle Child – ‘Lobelia’ C52 $7
STRATA12STRATA11Edition of 50 on pro dubbed, chrome, imprinted blue cassettes. Two sided, multi-panel j-cards and a slipcover.

STRATA12 – Kyle Landstra/Braeyden Jae split C30 $7
Edition of 75 on pro dubbed, chrome, imprinted clear cassettes. Two sided j-cards and a slipcover.



COP-0001 Drifter Mage – ‘Perfect Enemy’ CS $7
Drifter-Mage_Perfect-Enemy.100Limited edition of 25 released by Coprolalia Recordings in Atlanta. The first release for Drifter Mage, a virtual electronic ensemble forging its music simultaneously from Japan and the US. The resulting tracks combine enchanting melodies with electronic glitches and industrial noise, laid on a foundation of swirling atmospheres and steady beats. The sound is characterized by custom software instruments, unnatural dialog samples, and iterative musical layers (a result of the intercontinental workflow).


Bonding Tapes

BOND011 VNCF – ‘Pleasure District’ CS $6.06
IMG_4316 SmallVery little is known about the artist VNCF. Some would say that he is an entity existing in cyberspace collecting data, sounds and beats. Others believe that he is a hermit living in the adirondacks with only his machines and ideas to keep him company. Who ever he is, we’re happy to to be bringing you his debut cassette, Pleasure District. This tape is a voyage through dating videos, glamour commercials, softcore porn, dancehall basement parties, quiet storm RnB nights, High Energy Night Clubs and Hip Hop Beats.



traven. – ‘What is This Place We Are In.’ and ‘Noguchi’s Numbers’
tr_v_nIt would be useless to describe the music of Traven. It is more horrible than anything you have ever overheard. He is trying to make a noise; to ward something off or drown something out – the playing is strange, and inchoate; a skeletal, cold-hymn sound from the Ballard-infused English outskirts. Download available via Soundcloud.