Heavy Psych

HP62: BPNM – ‘Private Museum’ C20
Edition of 50. Brittany Pack & Nial Morgan present four tracks grating electronics & junk metal abuse. fashioned with chains.

HP63: UNEXAMINE – ‘Bokeem Woodbine’ C15
Edition of 50. Violent harsh noise from Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek) & Danny Costa (Rohit). dense low-end crumble. pure celebrity worship.

P64: ANTHRACITE – ‘Oxnard 1903′ C30
edition of 25. Well structured harsh compositions by William Hutson (Rale, Clipping). Dedicated to the Oxnard Strike of 1903. radical labor noise.


Tranquility Tapes

Cliffsides – ‘Headspace’ 2xC60 $14(USA)/$19(Canada)/$23(World)
Cliffsides - Headspace smallYour eyes do not deceive you. This is two full hours of brand new Cliffsides material. After relocating to the Bay Area in 2013, Ryan McGill plunged head first into his solo endeavor and what he came up with is the massive and sprawling achievement that is Headspace. Divided into two distinct sets, “The Fool” features brand new synth work and “The Universe” is made up of material created through sampling various found cassettes and field recordings – a style that began to take shape on last year’s Spirit in the Mountain Temple cassette on Hooker Vision. Thematically, the release contrasts the notions of conscious and unconscious thought, logic and dreams, reason and desire, as well as the symbiotic and mutually destructive interactions between man and universe. Sonically, it’s everything you want from new Cliffsides and then some. Stunning melodic sequences and progressions segue into ultra-deep drones and abstract passages, while angelic voices and strangely familiar orchestrations rise up from magnetic spools. Altogether, this is a thoroughly fascinating and epic double dose you’ll want to take again and again. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download. Edition of 100.

Sparkling Wide Pressure – ‘Dream of Windows’ C40 $8(USA)/$12(Canada)/$15 (World)
Sparkling Wide Pressure - Dream of Windows smallSparkling Wide Pressure makes a welcome return to the label. In the three years that have passed since we released Sing What You Remind Me Of, creative powerhouse Frank Baugh’s solo project has remained consistently engaging on an almost unbelievable level. Dream of Windows features further excavations into his singular style, which blends the warmth of psychedelic pop with the spaciousness, dissonance, and free-form nature of experimental music. Cascades of acoustic and electric guitar picking meet otherworldly keyboard melodies, confounding cassette playbacks, and low-fi drum machine beats. Baugh’s voice regularly seeps into the mix like a mournful ghost singing arcane poetry as he plays with vocal manipulations and syncopation in even more off-kilter ways than usual. Altogether, it adds up to another brilliant piece of an already astonishing catalog that melds the strange and the beautiful in ways that few others can. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download. Edition of 100.

Rain Drinkers – ‘Wood Violet’ C40 $8(USA)/$12(Canada)/$15(World)
Rain Drinkers - Wood Violet smallSince 2010, Rain Drinkers have skillfully melded genres across incredible releases on Brave Mysteries, Earjerk, Reverb Worship, and their own Shifting Sands Congregation. Wood Violet finds the duo of Xax Mane Krass and Joe Taylor in top form, channeling the creative spirit to seamlessly blend elements of folk, classical, electronic, and psychedelic rock across two new studio tracks and a live recording. Both Krass and Taylor are incredibly adept musicians, weaving violins, synths, guitars, piano, drum machines, and various percussive instruments throughout each piece. There’s real drama in each composition as the duo shifts fluidly between moments of pastoral beauty into passages of tense, rousing orchestration and then into smoldering psychedelia. It simply has to be heard to be believed. These two are treading a singular musical path that’s deeply and uniquely inspired by the natural beauty found throughout their homeland of Wisconsin. If you’re not on board already, this is a great place to dive in. If you already are, you don’t need me to tell you that you’re in for one hell of a ride with this one. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download. Edition of 100.

Hobo Cubes – ‘Memories’ C24 $8(USA)/$12(Canada)/$15(World)
Hobo Cubes - Memories smallMontreal’s Francesco De Gallo is easily one of the busiest and most prolific musicians throughout the cassette underground. He operates the great Hobo Cult Records and has been a member of many groups including Dozens, Velvet Chrome, and The H, but Hobo Cubes has always been De Gallo’s main game. Memories is one of his most personal works to date. The release fuses muted synth passages with field recordings culled from various experiences and locations over the past four years. Like memories themselves, melodies that are both eerie and comforting drift just below the surface, connecting with us clearly at some instances and obfuscated by time and our ability to comprehend them at others. There’s a distinct pensiveness present throughout each track as De Gallo uses sound to pour over long lost moments that belong to the past but live on powerfully within the mind. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download. Edition of 100.



MONOL!TH – ‘Andromeda’
Andromeda ArtworkMONOL!TH returns with Andromeda, a 57 minute follow up to 2013′s Pyramid. Andromeda continues to drift along the same tides as Pyramid yet it conjures up a new sci-fi depth. The 14 tracks emerge from darkness with star-like gentleness only to dissolve with cosmic bite.



Leila Abdul-Rauf & Tor Lundvall – ‘Ibis/Quiet Seaside’ 7″
Over the past few years, Tor Lundvall has thoughtfully displayed his ambient sound works in connection with Dais Records, releasing two retrospective multi-disc box sets and two full length albums. Apart from his collaboration with Tony Wakeford on Autumn Calls, collaborations with others have been extremely rare. Tor and multi-instrumentalist, Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum / Hammers of Misfortune / formerly of Amber Asylum) first got in touch in late 2011. Their exchanges eventually led to a musical collaboration of both like-minded artists joining in to illustrate their unique and personal visions of nature, life and art. During a visit to Lundvall’s home in May 2012, Leila wrote a spontaneous track on Tor’s Winter Piano entitled Ibis. Tor recorded and engineered the track along with Leila’s vocals. Later that month, Lundvall added various sounds and ambient washes to the mix. A solo version of Ibis, featuring the original piano / vocals but with additional horn, was released on Abdul-Rauf’s debut LP Cold and Cloud on Saadi Saati Records in 2013 (Lundvall also designed the sleeve and created the cover art for this LP). The earlier, collaborative version of Ibis has remained unreleased until now. It was agreed that a 7″ was the perfect format. On the reverse, Lundvall has written a new piece entitled Quiet Seaside constructed around Abdul-Rauf’s guitar riffs which Lundvall also recorded during her 2012 visit. The track captures Tor’s signature lush keyboard and ambient whirl. The early mix was sent to Leila who worked in her slow-moving brass performance and textured tone scales to make this work as introspective as it is beautiful. Limited edition of 300 vinyl copies featuring artwork by Tor Lundvall.

YORK FACTORY COMPLAINT – ‘Lost in the Spectable’
Conceived as a sort of sonic embodiment of Martin and Berdan’s increasingly disgusted worldview, Lost in the Spectacle builds around its noisy industrial back- bone with surprising, beat-driven passages and intense, all-too-human vocals. For an album so unrelenting, though, it offers a certain accessibility that’s uncom- mon in contemporary noise music. Lost in the Spectacle is an extended hand, an invitation to the impressive work Martin and Berdan are doing. It’s immediately striking, but repeated listens reveal its depth.

Maurizio Bianchi – ‘Amentest 7″
The late 70′s rejection of punk and rock-oriented music within select underground subcultures was signified by the works of of bands like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire and Whitehouse. Using their network of record labels and propaganda, these like-minded noise makers created a sound and aesthetic that is known far and wide as something quite English. But in Italy, a storm was slowly brewing in the works of a lone composer by the name of Maurizio Bianchi. Starting in 1979, Bianchi formed his earliest sketches of abstract loop composition under the pseudonym Sacher-Pelz. After only a few months, he felt it was time to start producing more conceptual works under his given name, sometimes shortening his authorship to only MB. The following years saw some of industrial and ambient music’s most genre defining works. Rumors surrounded a series of mischievous unauthorized releases only to be contradicted by his humble and earnest willingness to collaborate with other like minded composers coincidentaly followed up by his ominous “disappearance” from music during the late 80′s / early 90′s. His various comebacks always showed MB to be the master of his own device who undoubtedly influenced and inspired thousands of musicians, artists and composers with his creative output. Most recently, MB has been reflective on his 35 year history in music and the impact he has had on it. His recent works show MB as undoubtedly reflective yet remaining persistently original. Amentest is Bianchi’s most recent work employing the 7” single format, a medium that MB has only dabbled in briefly. Keeping his abrasive rhythmic sounds, beautiful use of delay patterns and selective subject matters at hand, MB’s genius still shows that he is as relevant today as he was back when he was quietly manufacturing his echoed sound sculptures in the foothills of Italy in 1979. Limited to 300 copies. Edited by Kris Lapke (Alberich) with artwork by Ryan Martin (York Factory Complaint / Dais).

Sissy Spacek – ‘Lead Their Exit’ 7″
On Xmas day in 1999, the channels of the noise canon received a new entry into its ranks by the name of Sissy Spacek. 15 years later, the outfit, held together by core members John Wiese & Charlie Mumma, has left a littered trail of damaged recordings and countless performances in its wake. Known for it’s cult output and conceptual performances—each idea folding over the last to create havoc in the way that most would care to avoid, Sissy Spacek takes this all head on. Their newest 7” shows the band exploring song-based material (see also their live shows), employing it’s newest member Sara Taylor to provide vocal accompaniment to their special brand of furious destruction. To those familiar with their previous works on PPM, Chondritic Sound, Gilgongo or Wiese’s own Helicopter imprint, one will instantly welcome their signature hybrid of grindcore blasts and avant-garde sensibility and remain captured by the band’s semblance of leftfield song writing. Limited to 300 copies.


Hel Audio

HEL011 – Matt Nida – ‘Explorer’
hel011_100Second full-length from London-based producer. A mix of classic synthesizer music of the 70s and 80s filtered through punchy, driving Detroit-style techno.


Afeite al Perro

Atomizador and Grosgoroth split CS
IMG_0396Full color cover printed on heavyweight paper, insert in black and white marble paper, toxictape and gift sticker of the newly created label Muerte Cerebral. 60 copies. 2 euros. Portada a todo color impresa en papel academia de alto gramaje, encarte en blanco y negro en papel mármol, cinta tóxica y pegatina-regalo del recién creado sello Muerte Cerebral. 60 copias. 2 euros.



Circle Three: Full Moon At 35hz is the third Circle piece from Eleh and the first to be released since 2010′s Repose. Packaged in a heavy duty screen printed cover. #’d edition fo 500. The first 100 copies have a gold ring print and text. These copies will be shipped randomly. Audiophile quality LP cut at Dubplates + Mastering in Berlin. Like Repose, the first Circle piece released on vinyl, this is a one sided LP with a screen printed side B.


Enough Records

Marrach – ‘Chambers of Resistance’
[EN] Tripstep jazz album by Lithuanian project Marrach, cousin of another of our release artist Chtin Mara. [PT] Album de tripstep pelas mãos do projecto Lituano Marrach, primo de um outro nosso artista Chtin Mara.


Teflon Beast

Chris Daily – ‘The Music of Yesterday: 2004-2005′
pic1As part of the Teflon Beast family, musician, producer, and noted hermit Chris Daily suddenly and unexpectedly released the beginnings of a retrospective multi-volume archival project via his own Bandcamp. Going back to 4-track cassette tapes made between ’04 & ’05 when he was in his early teens, Daily has compiled a breathtakingly expansive work of a staggering pop prodigy. From riffing on a crude loop of music inspired by Madonna, “Everybody’s High But Me,” to imagining the standard “April in Paris” as if recorded for Pet Sounds using a mix of Midi and acoustical instrumentation, Daily’s pop prowess is one of the great unheard musical catalogs of the do-it-yourself set.

Chris Daily – ‘Song Calendar Vol. 1′
pic2Not content to be merely an “oldies” act, Daily has been working tirelessly this year on a massive holiday music project titled “Song Calendar.” The first volume of 2014’s holidays, some more well-known than others naturally, are now available in this set of esoteric pop music. Highlights include “It’s No Fun When You’re the Grammar Police,” “Blue Yodel,” and the wry “PI Song.” Stay tuned for more holiday related music on Teflon Beast and look for volume two in time for Christmas.


Night People

NP200 The Garment District – ‘If You Take Your Magic Slow’ LP
If You Take Your Magic Slow is the debut full-length LP from multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Baron’s The Garment District, with help from a few friends and family—her cousin Lucy Blehar provides lead vocals throughout. If You Take Your Magic Slow is very much a structured album with its diverse tracklist meticulously strung together. A mix of surreal instrumentals and subtle turns conjures outdoor walks in transitional atmospheres and landscapes, nature hikes in the city, sunny days that are okay with becoming cloudy, warm music full of feeling that remains comfortably easy-going despite the meticulous care given to its sophisticated orchestration and arrangements. This eclecticism creates something complex yet accessible, loose but direct. Baron mixes pastoral psychedelia with artful minimalist post-punk experimentation and a subtle approach to library music, soundtracks as “pop,” with just enough droney dreamy color to fill it all in. If You Take Your Magic Slow doesn’t follow any templates or gimmicks: its focus is on being true to its musicality, songwriting, and honest approach to compelling contemporary easy listening—something we are quite fond of. A perfect summertime record.

NP180 The Deep Freeze Mice – ‘Best Of 1979-88′ LP
The Deep Freeze Mice were an English post punk/weirdo, pop/DIY band from Leicester; they released ten albums between 1979 and 1989 on their own labels Mole Embalming and the still running Cordelia Records. The band also gained a bit of post existence notice by their inclusion on the Nurse With Wound list and through the Messthetics compilation series. The original lineup consisted of guitarist/vocalist Alan Jenkins, bassist Mick Bunnage (of the Statics), keyboardist Sherree Lawrence, and drummer Graham Summers (also of the Statics) which remained intact until the release of the band’s third record, The Gates of Lunch. After the departure of Summers and the acquisition of replacement Pete Gregory, the lineup remained until their breakup in 1989. Leader Jenkins (who was also involved with the Chrysanthemums and Ruth’s Refrigerator during the existence of Deep Freeze Mice) continued afterwards in the Creams and the Thurston Lava Tube while maintaining Cordelia Records. In origin, the Deep Freeze Mice started out in the informal, confidently scrappy mindset of the post punk era creating often upbeat goofy songs speaking to political topics, surrealist imagery, and science fiction. The most interesting thing about the band’s sound was a distinct approach to a kind of British classic rock sensibility with subtle flourishes of psychedelic ambiance which, when combined with their punky way of doing things, created a unique approach falling someplace between the ramshackle pop sound of The Television Personalities and Bowie style weirdoisms. This LP serves as a new release, a collection of the best of the Deep Freeze Mice. It was compiled by guitarist/vocalist Alan Jenkins. Original Deep Freeze vinyl fetches high collector prices and we felt like a collection was necessary to re-introduce a long overlooked band whose material spanned many albums in such a diverse way. We hope you enjoy and appreciate The Deep Freeze Mice as much as we do and that this compilation provides a starting point to then look back into the band’s deep catalog.