panact_LeeGambleKUANGPAN56webLee Gamble is a UK-based artist and electronic music producer with roots in the original jungle-techno and extreme computer music fields. In 2012 he released a couple of highly acclaimed records via PAN, ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’ and ‘Diversions 1994-1996′, that refracted dancefloor and home-listening dimensions into trippy new head-spaces which touched a raw nerve with ravers young and old(er). He’s since expanded those records into live audio-visual performance with fellow CYRK collective founder Dave Gaskarth and continues monthly broad- casts of his NTS radio show. The ‘Kuang’ EP heralds the release of Gamble’s keenly awaited 2nd LP ‘KOCH’ (due September ’14) with three tracks of dissociative ambient/techno. ‘Kali Wave’ opens with a bittersweet breakbeat roller sounding something like early AGCG playing in a hall of mirrors, whereas ‘Mimas Skank’ diffuses oily acid and dry dub techno inna dancefloor wormhole, and the detached ambient drift of ‘Girl Drop’ rends a gasp of post-rave bliss into twelve minutes of spectral sublime or precipitous dread, depending on your perspective. The 12″ is mastered and cut by Christoph Grote-Beverborg at D&M. It is pressed on clear vinyl which itself is housed in a silk screened PVC sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas & Kathryn Politis.


Monstres par Excès

The Shock Technician & Bipolar Joe – ‘Music Stinks’ CDr
Music StinksAfter an spambot assault allowed by laziness and lasseiz-faire, the hyper-elite bullettin board Music Stinks! Рmeeting place for an assorted bunch of harsh noise pariahs banned from other forums Рwent 404 in early 2014, marking the end of a loosely knit and self-hating discussion board community of noise out-outsiders gathering around Soundomaso Records and its web server. This 51-minute slab of booze-fueled distortions, recorded live by two staple members of that BBS, is published by Monstres par Exc̬s as a tribute to (and tombstone of) those great years of noise scene meta-trolling, forum wars and cyberhooliganism. Before wall noise, there was thread noise.

Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali – ‘Andreotti’
AndreottiAn unlikely objet d’art, C.U.M.T.’s long-awaited 12” contains a barely legal performance of The Gerogerigegege’s 昭和 (Shōwa) adapted to the local political context: televised dreamsurfer Giulio Andreotti as Hirohito, an overdriven Inno di Mameli, and an unerotic field recording of exhibitionist Italian sexual failure streamed from a porn website. A dadaist post-industrial tribute to Juntaro Yamanouchi, with our blessings.


Sacred Phrases

SP-44 LXV – ‘Spectral Playmate’ CS
LXV is the most recent moniker of David Sutton (formerly Current Amnesia and 1/2 of Car Commercials). Spectral Playmate is a continuing exploration of evocation and confrontation with the uncanny and ethereal through means of digital processing. With the combination of digital synthesis, composing sampled material, generating voices and mapping field recordings the intent of Spectral Playmate is tight contraptions the listener can slip into, move about and decode sonically. The small chattering in a real dream, moving over you in a hall of mirrors, the Sirenes rising out of digital ocean and jittering along. “We seem to be surrounded by an almost invisible world that can manipulate us in any way.” -John Keel Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with free download code.

SP-45 Samantha Glass – ‘Surface Water Perception’ CS
Programed synthesizers smear a darkened palette driven by sparse drums. Handsome mumbler draws voice to noise and back again. Wandering organs pile atop one another, deeply affecting a hazy headspace. Tenuous rumble drawn against rhythm supports swelling ideas, dwindling concerns. The new EP from Samantha Glass “Surface Water Perception” supports the body liquid, the airy head. Samantha Glass is Beau Deveraux, organizer and owner of Madison WI. based Golden Cloud Tapes. Limited edition of 100 copies. Comes with free download code.



STRATA04 Demonstration Synthesis – ‘DS4′ C40
strata04Edition of 50 on pro dubbed + imprinted black cassettes. Full color, two sides j-cards. Continuation of Daniel Leznoff’s extremely prolific and excellent year with Demonstration Synthesis. Expert electronic and synth manipulations. Includes a free download code.

STRATA05 Heavy Hand – ‘Northwoods Knives’ C20
strata05Edition of 50 on pro dubbed + imprinted blue cassettes. Full color, two sides j-cards. One of the best 20 minutes blasts of noise-pop of the year. Includes a free download code.

STRATA06 Strange Mountain – ‘Inhibitions’ C34
strata06Edition of 50 on pro dubbed/imprinted clear cassettes. Full color, two sides j-cards. Ambient drone of the highest caliber from Jakarta. Includes a free download code.



RC91Edition of 50. Island secrets revealed. A walk in a wake of a dream, left by Florida to unwind. ‘Sleeping Tortugas’ is Wave Temple’s 4th cassette release. Duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes at Rotifer’s new wooded headquarters. Spray painted shells with color stickers, color insert with track listing. Download code included.


Sound of Cobra

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand – ‘All To Pieces’ one-sided 12″
“After a stellar collaboration with Aluk Todolo and last years The Cosmic Trigger, the Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand mothership planted four new seeds which are now in full blossom and ready to be harvested by you. Put them in your pipe, smoke them and let the mystic aural haze make your braincells dance a waltz of life, death and everything between the cracks. Shifting seamlessly between sinister channelings of Amon Düül II and the embrace of electronic instruments to paint a vivid picture of the dancing air around us, „All To Pieces“ is another chapter of Albin Julius’ musical mapping of the greater picture – accompanied by guests like Alan Trench of Orchis (and formerly Leader of famous World Serpent Distribution) and Pete Hope of Wrong Revolution, we get to experience the ever-shifting vision of the project in an immediate and intuitive manner that lets its edges be raw and the palette of emotions rich. Call it psychedelic rock, folk or whatever – it is your invitation to hop in this white-painted space hearse and travel to the point where light and darkness are the same – amen. The LP comes out in a limited edition of 300 copies. Pressed on heavy 180 gr white vinyl with the B side hand silkscreened and housed in a thick cardstock cover foil printed!


2AM Tapes

Parashi – ‘Extra Dimensions’
wethersugarmpsiparashipsiTwo new side long soundscapes from Mr. Mike Griffin (Skell LLC). Put your 4D glasses on. Shits coming right…beround you? How does 4D work?

Wether + Sugarm  split
Two turkeys talkin smack in Blamperville. Currently competing for The Internets highest score.

Hidden Persuaders  s/t
hiddenpsiNew solo project from Norways Andreas Brandal (Flesh Coffin, Hour of the Wolf, House of Bats, and more!). Sits somewhere between the harshness of Flesh Coffin and the slightly more melodic jams under his own name. Light some candles but don’t hurt yourself.


Second Sleep

DRUG AGE – ‘abandoned geography’ one-sided LP
A long, single track developing the relation between geography and drugs, the various interaction and how they changed the environment. “Following up the immense Dyslexic Action 4xCS set, the duo consisting of Matteo Castro and Francesco Tignola is back with the 18-minute long one-sider Abandoned Geography. Elevating and absolutely lovely broken noise
from the combined efforts of Napoli and Conegliano. Matteo Castro’s Lettera 22 coming to mind when it comes to the fidelity and execution of the rich, beautiful textures, while you can sense Francesco Tignola somewhat cruder approach from his Elisha Morningstar project in the actual composition of things. Working with a rich palette of sounds, Abandoned Geography is a relentless odyssey into pure noise bliss, ranging from fast and chaotic electronic whirlwinds distorted to pieces via blown-out acoustic sounds to low-frequency moments of collapsed and fried gear. It has that wonderful anything-goes feeling where it feels like the errors and mistakes in the recording process has just been left in the final mix as they are, thus making them a natural part of the whole package in a cocky but genial manner. Another intense harsh noise scorcher, this may very well be one of the finest efforts these gentlmen respectively has been responsible for.” Matthias Andersson.Edition of 120.

EXOTERIC CONTINENT – ‘moviments/oposici’ 2xCS
Barcelona’s Arnau Sala Saez (Veiled, Anomìa) offer four side of foggy and minimal industrial slabs for analog synth and magnetic tapes tension, exploring the territory which is constricted between ambient soundscapes and dry beat research. Edition of 90.



Odawas – ‘Reflections of a Pink Laser Catalog’ LP
In 2009, Odawas lighted amongst the oceanic synths and shimmering ambiance of The Blue Depths. Five years on, 2014 marks the return of our psychonauts, with their new LP, Reflections of a Pink Laser, released on Parisian boutique label, Bookmaker Records. Once again casting their gaze into the cosmos, the present finds Odawas crafting songs of the future to deal with the past. Drawing from the later novels of science- fiction visionary Philip K. Dick, songwriter Michael James Tapscott adapts campfire stories of personal narrative and vicarious observation for the frozen flames of Ichthys. Across these interstellar structures of human plight, producer and arranger Isaac Edwards paints galactic swaths of cinematic scope and delves deeper into the sonority of the organic and synthetic, from the dim-lit ache of resignation in “Home,” through the epiphanic vastness of “What If Our World is Their Heaven?” With Reflections of a Pink Laser, Odawas extends a stigmatic hand and with a flash of the eyes invites you, dear listener, on an epic journey from innerspace to the outer limits.


Heavy Psych

HP62: BPNM – ‘Private Museum’ C20
Edition of 50. Brittany Pack & Nial Morgan present four tracks grating electronics & junk metal abuse. fashioned with chains.

HP63: UNEXAMINE – ‘Bokeem Woodbine’ C15
Edition of 50. Violent harsh noise from Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek) & Danny Costa (Rohit). dense low-end crumble. pure celebrity worship.

P64: ANTHRACITE – ‘Oxnard 1903′ C30
edition of 25. Well structured harsh compositions by William Hutson (Rale, Clipping). Dedicated to the Oxnard Strike of 1903. radical labor noise.