Orb Tapes

The Brown Christmas – ‘Where the Moon Don’t Shine’ CS $5
where-the-moon-dont-shine-tinyThe Brown Christmas is an experimental/ improvised electronics/ noise group from New Jersey. This most recent release, ‘Where the Moon Don’t Shine’, is the sixth in a series of monthly releases. It is a dynamic collection of controlled chaos, running the gamut between minimal ambiences to lush walls of sound. Sometimes playful other times abrasive; ‘Where the Moon Don’t Shine’ marks a seismic shift in the maturation of The Brown Christmas.


Hanging Tree Algorithm

Hanging Tree Algorithm – ‘Lunar’ CS
img_20160927_161305-1Ohio beatmaker Hanging Tree Algorithm’s sci-fi instrumental hip hop odyssey from earlier this year is now available on cassette. Limited to 25 blue/black swirled cassettes.


Sonic Meditations

SM067 3 MOONS – ‘3wordsword’ CS
sm067cs3 Moons was Founded in 2010 by Jefferson Zurna, who performed and published tapes as a solo artist while living in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Portland, OR. In 2012, Dena Goldsmith-Stanley joined 3 Moons, and the duo have toured extensively, while living in a small mobile home. The Duo routinely collaborates with fellow artists and musicians and currently resides in Oakland, CA. “3wordSword” is another take on the phrase “meditate and destroy” with the emphasis on Meditate. Rumbling sheets of feedback, guitar figures, hypnotic reeds, and cryptic electric piano add up to a strange kind of distorted peace. These improvised visions can also, at times, walk you through ancient labyrinths, take you on board a telepathic submarine with Sun Ra deep off the coast of Egypt, and seat you at the banquet table for a slapstick buzzard carrion feast. These tracks were recorded live as they were improvised in Minneapolis, MN Oakland, CA and Hayfork, CA in 2014 and 2015. 8-track album, limited to 80 cassettes with downloads.

SM068 DARSOMBRA – ‘Ployvision’ CS
sm068cssm“From Insects… to Aliens (The Worms Turn)” finds itself building layers of proggy guitar, more active, more intense, with washes of cymbal added for effect in the first couple minutes. A swirling solo takes hold and winds its way into another seemingly simplistic progression around eight minutes in, but it gives way to lower rumbling undertones, if only momentarily before the guitar surges forward again. Though only part of Darsombra‘s broad approach, Daniloski‘s lead work isn’t to be undervalued. Aside from being technically proficient, it brings a rare spontaneity to what might commonly be thought of as a drone or noise record, neither of which is a style known for working off the cuff, adding to the atmosphere of positivity and basking in the spirit of an apparently ceaseless creative drive. Just past 15 minutes, Everton begins a vocal loop that is ultimately the introduction to the final movement of “From Insects… to Aliens (The Worms Turn)” and after a final crash of guitar, she’s backed by noise that indeed sounds like and may or may not be bugs, like crickets at night something from the forest. – THE OBELISK .NET 2-track album, EDITION OF 200 with downloads.



OTA002 – bagatela – ‘américa’ C12
A triptych in miniature. For example: bering – arrival of the first men and playmobil figures to america; maranhão – one caravela crosses the atlantic with a scissors-grinder on the rudder; dez – one morning, somewhere in the new world.

OTA003 – heroin holiday – ‘near places’ C64
ota003You went to the restaurant for the romantic bore but the violin player was replaced by two guys wearing jukebox suits, playing a rhapsody of all the tunes that never got any coin, just with pure frequencies and bare hands.

OTA004 – joe & man – ‘ó tia, dá bolinho?’ C36
ota004Choo-choo tries to arrive somewhere on time but everyone wants to go elsewhere. Back home, is there a velvet blanket waiting for you if it’s cold? And if not, will the chest of drawers do the summer prank and spread cat fur and dust mite all over innocence? There is care in caring, but is there some left in love still?

OTA005 – tape000 – ‘dream’ C24
ota005There are rites that do not harm liberty – she said. They have no power or measure. This carob tree, can you smell it?

OTA006 – pal+ – ‘pictorial’ C38
ota006The attendant came out for a cigarette.and looks around. The rust draws a stock market crash graph in the roof of the old luxury car, the garbage dumpster is disgorging drawings from the small kindergarten.


Lurker Bias

Kösmonaut – ‘Cobra Force’ C40
cobraforcecs_psiCarpenter-worship, could-be video-game-score synth ballads. Pure, unadulterated 1980s informed by a modern age. Released in ultra limited edition of 18 copies. C40

Monstres par Excès

Naturalismo – ‘Fede’ CDr 5€
naturalismo-fede20 copies, slim transparent poly-box, pearl cdr. A wintry meditation on faith. Redemptive LFOs and cross-modulated orthodoxies, bass theologies for ambient consumption. Minimal variations on the core tenets of belief systems. The boredom of the Absolute, played with sustain and portamento.

Gelba/Caligine split C60 5€
gelba-caligine-split20 copies, soft poly-box, C60. A second coming for the eternal splitting between earth and air, soil and mist, dirt and haze. Italian psych-folk and rural noise at its best: putrid guitars, timeless echoes, garbled tape reverbs, looping interferences, textured harmonies. A soaring cartography of peripheral musicking.



GOD38 JUUN & Michael Wegerer – ‘Piano Sublimation’ LP + book
is a collaboration between the Austrian composer and musician JUUN
and the visual artist Michael Wegerer. Piano Sublimation combines sound, graphics, video and sculpture in multidisciplinary installations. A grand piano by Ehrbar built around 1860, functions as the common starting object, which was then cut into 5 pieces. The piano represents the initial point of departure for a constructive exchange of progressive translations in contemporary graphics, objects and sound.



SIN034 – BRUITAL ORGASME – ‘Méthodologie contextuelle’ C30
bruital-orgasmeAfter a previous tape on in 2012, Bruital Orgasme returns on Sincope with Méthodologie Contextuelle. Two long tracks where they express their personal and fascinating vision of sound. A creative mix of drone, electroacustic fragments, landscape sound, noise with their dinstinctive approach. A touch that characterizes them. artwork by truculentboy, pro dubbed tape, full printed artwork, download code included, limited to 70 hand-numbered copies

SIN035 – OTTAVEN – ‘Sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali’ C36
ottavenGiovanni Donadini solo project, active since 2003, former member of With Love, Lago Morto, Nastro Mortal and currently active in bands like Primorje and Arbre du Ténéré. Minimal sounds, poor electronics, spurious rhythms, fragrant loops, field recordings, voices and objects. sounds that go drifting up to get stuck in the interludes of their exhaustion in new landscapes and changes in perspective. artwork by truculentboy, pro dubbed tape, full printed artwork, download code included, limited to 70 hand-numbered copies

SIN036 – ALGA KOMBU – ‘In fin dei corpi’ CDr + zine
alga-kombuAn Italian transfeminist band borned in 2013 in Bologna, with the urgency to assert their own point of view about what they live. Music like the territory of collective empowerment. post core, that combines wave, post punk, hardcore, garage and noise rock. Including a mini zine with lyrics, arts, flyer…
artwork bu padiy, silkscreened heavy cardboard cover, high quality pressed zine, limited to 90 hand-numbered copies


The Uncannibals

The Uncannibals
a1031971345_16With most bands, you can pretty much tell what the rest of a certain song (or indeed the rest of their album, or perhaps their entire career) is going to sound like by listening to the first 30 seconds of the first song you play. The Uncannibals are not that band. On their debut release EXPERIMENTS IN POPULAR MUSIC, each song is structured like a mini DJ set with all kinds of surprises cropping up that you will not see coming. Lead off track ELECTRIC CARS mixes Motown, Shoegaze, Neu!-style motorik krautrock and Augustus Pablo’s dub melodica. THE BEST THING sounds like RUBBER SOUL-era Beatles, until it doesn’t. SHABBY WALTZ comes across like a lost mid-’60’s collaboration between Ann Arbor noise pioneer Robert Ashley and Burt Bacharach. SLUMMING IT is Terry Riley or Steve Reich re-mixing My Bloody Valentine. SKYLINE BLUES is what the Smiths might have sounded like if they had been produced by Brian Eno. GLORY HILL is an experimental EDM mix compiled by Dj Scientist Sam from tapes sent to him from the band, with elements of Chic, Kraftwerk, New Age self-help tapes and bhangra. And the final track SHADOW WATCHING is a lo-fi space-rock jam recorded live in the drummer’s basement on a mono cassette recorder. In the course of 7 tracks and 45 minutes the Uncannibals go from pure pop to harsh noise to ambient soundscapes to minimalist avant-garde to shoegaze to dub to post-punk. As if that wasn’t enough, the B-side contains a mix compiled at random from a pool of over 100 songs and over 9 hours of music. Each mix will be completely different and unique to each cassette (100 C92 cassettes, 100 different 46 minute mixes). To be released on October 8th for Cassette Store Day.


Geweih Ritual Documents

The Murmur Ring/A Death Cinematic split CS
adcmmrsplitcassGeweih Ritual Documents and Simple Box Construction present the Murmur Ring | A Death Cinematic split cassette. Each artist clocks around twenty minutes of desolate, lonely, ambient guitar drone and noise per side in this, the first part of a series of splits to come out on Geweih Ritual Documents. Murmur Ring with a 19+ minute track of bleak and beautiful guitar work called SKY CLAD, starts things off. A Death Cinematic contributes two post apocalyptic meditations, THE MORNINGS THAW THE EMPTY FIELDS, OUR BONES ABLAZE IN THE SUN and THEIR BROKEN JAWS SHIMMER, FANGS QUIVER IN BLOOD to finish things up. This release is limited to 150 numbered copies. Housed in a custom 100 lb. black card stock sleeve. Scored, cut, folded, and stamped completely by hand. The sleeve houses the cassette wrapped in two vellum prints, printed in house at the Simple Box Construction studio. Each cassette comes with a printed download card. All images, artwork, and cover design by Simple Box Construction. Manufactured by hand at the Simple Box Construction studio outside Detroit, Michigan.